By Anonymous - 22/03/2012 06:40 - Australia - Saint Marys

Today, I overheard a girl and a guy sitting behind me on the bus who were talking about Skyrim, one of my favourite games. After a while, I turned around and, as a fellow gamer, thanked them for restoring my faith in humanity. They went very quiet. I'm now that weird guy on the bus. FML
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I used to be that guy, then I took an arrow to the knee

Relax. You were probably that weird guy on the bus WAY before this incident.


I used to be that guy, then I took an arrow to the knee

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Why? It's the most overused meme out there besides like, "u mad?"

Op.. Mind your own ******* business.

That quote used to be cool, but then people started saying it.

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Unless they helped the storm cloaks take down the imperials they did nothing to help humanity, bro.

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Is it cool when I correct people by saying that it's actually "IN the knee"?

49 - both options suck. Storm cloaks are racist as hell, and the Imperials are elitist.

You used to be original, then you used that quote.

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49- No. Imperials all the way.

I used to hate on arrow to the knee comments, then i realised it's just a joke, get the hell over it.

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I used to like arrow to the knee jokes, then I took a FUS RO DAH to the face.

No, they're just allied with the Thalmor. If you pray to the Night Mother the Dark Brotherhood will take care of them for you.

#83.. No, it's a quote from the game.

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Arrow in* the knee. Thats how the guards in the game say it. Dont be an ignorant moron. Thanks

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Of all the things to say . Why did you pick one of the lamest ?

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123 and 125, thank you! it's not stereotypical like the high expecations Asian father or first world problems. It a totally random comment that when used in everyday language, makes little sense if you don't know the game, and is relevant to the FML posted. I like it because when the guards say it skyrim, it sounds so sad and solemn that it cracks up. Maybe it's because my BF used to play fhe game a lot and it just brings back memories... why'd I even go into this discussion. who cares if I like the meme? this is a FREE COUNTRY! ... ok I'm done now.

OP, do you happen to be the socially awkward penguin?

Uumm, I'm not quite sure if this is an fml or a ydi.

SKYRIM IS THE BEST GAME EVER!! Anyways op, I'm weird too, I wouldve done the same thing!

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Never thought Skyrim would get a spot on FML :D

OP should jus turn around and ask "gray-mane or battle-born?" "i'm not gonna ask again, GRAY-MANE OR BATTLE-BORN?"

You should have just proved that you were legit by using a "shout" on them.

what if they would have replied with " FOS RU NO" ?

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Quick! To the Ragged Flaggen!

What's that... Haha. (I can just feel all the thumbs down I'm gonna get...)

The Ragged Flagon is the Thieves Guild's hideout in Skyrim, essentially the gathering place for nerds around the world (myself included).

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Have a drink with ol' Delvin Mallory and get scared by Dirge's explanation of his name.

Relax. You were probably that weird guy on the bus WAY before this incident.

I dunno, the guy that listens in on your conversation and then thanks you for having it after you finish is kinda weird. The op should have tried to join in rather then eaves drop on the two.

Well now that I'm sober I should probably clarify that I intended to say that we might be presuming a lot by assuming he was already the weird guy but didn't quite get there.. At least I had an awesome post number tho!

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It doesn't help that Skyrim is an overrated, buggy mess of fetchquests. It should not be a reason to restore faith in humanity in the first place.

THANK YOU. While I enjoyed skyrim it's so overrated. Quality over quantity. Just cause they throw a million quests at you doesn't mean it's good. Considering the quantity of quests they could of given us more than 20 good items.

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Exactly. Just commenting that you also like the game is one thing (can't guarantee you won't nonetheless be labeled to public transportation annoying butt-in guy), but to say that the fact that you overheard 2 ppl talking about a game that you like "restored your faith in humanity?" wtf is wrong w you?

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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You guys all need to lighten the **** up. None of you have ever exaggerated before?

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And not to this extent, to strangers on the bus whose conversation I was eavesdropping on and decided to rudely interrupt!

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77- I like this planet. They can get off

77- Mars has nice weather this time of year

Agree with the consensus here. Skyrim was probably the most talked about game of the year. It's not like it's some rare gem that a select few know about. There are so many more gamers than there used to be and there's no stigma attached so what made this conversation so faith-restoring? When you are a stranger, people don't know your humour or speech patterns. It's not wise to interject with exaggerations.

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That' exactly what I was going to say!!

free2speak 14

um 81... the whole "lost my faith in humanity" and "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" are exaggerations...Oh, the irony!

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Sorry mate, but that *is* a bit weird. No worries though.

Yeah, OP could've just said it was their favorite game. And then maybe asked them about weapon preference or something.

Maybe they didn't know what to say? Stay positive. AND who cares what they think, I think you are cool OP!!

Don't thank people for restoring your faith in humanity duh :)

How did they restore your faith in humanity

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did you read the fml? they were talking about op's favorite game, skyrim.