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Today, I spent a full hour working on my British accent. FML
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why didn't you just paint the walls and watch them dry? or watch some grass grow?

So was it an English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish accent? There's no such thing as a 'British' accent. I'm assuming you mean it as in Queen's English, which I've only ever heard from the Royal family or American Tv shows


why didn't you just paint the walls and watch them dry? or watch some grass grow?

lol I could understand if it was for something important like a part in a play...then I read OP's name and it all made sense lol

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Maybe OP wants to attract british guys.

someone has to much time on their hands. you need to find something a little more productive to do... i can give you some ideas if you want

learn a new instrument ? find guys ? hang out with friends ? find a job ? spend time with your family ? you couldve done so many things , OP

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how the hell is this an FML in any way?

was it a jolly good ol" time guv"na ?? ave another cup o tee ?

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wtf all i said was " why is this an fml?" why did it get moderated?

If you're going on a trip to London don't drop your camera off a bridge...

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i dont see how this is really bad except it being boring but why is it an FML?

I thought it was Pip, pip cheerio or maybe Im wrong.

107, props for the other fml reference.

If you're that bored, sit outside in the sun and watch a grape turn into a raisin.

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25, I doubt it would attract British guys. perhaps American guys, though. I love a sexy female accent.

well Brits are guys are sexy it could come in handy

You never know, it might come in handy. What what.

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No, British people say "mate" too. My British friend has said that to me before.

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Damn!!!! I was just about to say in the butt!!!

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Like today, I was alone on a flight and I convinced the people around me I was British!!!!!!!

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me and OP would get along just fine. i always practice my British accent. it sounds fake still, but whatever. i keep trying :) raising my pinky while drinking tea makes me look fancy

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Sure it makes you look 'fancy' ;) I'm British and yes we say mate all the time but hardly anyone has the accent you guys all ways think of, there are hundreds of different accents here :)

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it's the op's own damn falt....

Guys I'm from England and nobody says "bloody" dude :L lol America's opinion of Britain is so wrong :P we dress and act like Americans, except we wear uniform to school.. and London isn't all guys wearing suits and taxis and talking posh or like a ****** waiter lol haha they just wear baggy sweats and get the bus and get high or drunk most of the time haha! but Londons shops are nice :) like a smaller version of NY I suppose ^_^ sorry about my long comment just thought you'd wanna know aha :) xx

this comment thread is gonna be so full of stereo types. I'd only laugh if the op was practicing my British accent (I'm a Geordie)

specially the shops in Camden. wow do I miss those magic shrooms

you gotta to be bloody kiddin me lad. arrrr aye mate go england!

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actually,i had a professor from england and he said bloody quite often

bloody can be the most expressive word on the english language when used right

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64, my family lives in England and they say bloody quite frequently...

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because of 64 i now want to go to england just to get high and drunk. btw wtf is "posh" anyway?

I'm from England. I say bloody all the bloody time.

People say bloody in Lincolnshire all the time, but you're right about us really NOT being posh :P

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Posh is slang for upper class. A 'posh' accent is more properly called 'received pronunciation.'

Posh actually came from the way the English came to america by boat. The upper class would ride Port Out Starboard Home . it has something to do with the sun shining in their window.

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64- you left out the socialist utopia. And soon to be riots.

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64- I'm from England too and I say bloody. Maybe it's a regional thing?

171- I'm very anti-drugs but nice to know maan :L and I love your dp assassins creed rocks :P

half my comment got deleted aaahh!! D: 228- maybe your right :) i come from bedford and people never say bloody, but I'm a teenager so my mates and people I meet dont speak formally anyways :L 161- I love your pica-cat!! :D

thanks 244 absolutely evil to do but adorable

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haha sounds like something I would do!

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That sounds like something my friend Brooke would say! :}

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all you got to do is hit your mouth 5 times with a hammer then you will have crooked teeth which is the reason for their accent.

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4- me too! Idk why this is an FML, it sounds like fun :)

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except that's not what british people say

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If their accent is now flawless, I fail to see how this is an FML. You did this entirely by choice, OP.

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that was a joke sir. do they not have a thing called humor where your from?

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I was quoting from the movie Easy A, when she talks about fake British accents. Jesus. :/

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So was it an English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish accent? There's no such thing as a 'British' accent. I'm assuming you mean it as in Queen's English, which I've only ever heard from the Royal family or American Tv shows

Thank you! This annoys me so much. There are four very different countries that make up Britain. Four different countries which, even on a basic broadcast level with regionals aside, have four extremely different accents. You'll never fool anyone if you don't even know what the accent is.

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Plus there are regional accents, even if you restrict your focus to england.

So glad you said this, people are so dumb.

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^ not necesarily dumb,just ignorant

Just as in the USA or any other country southern accents are not the same as say a Boston accent. Some people's kids...

it's like saying my accent (geordie) is the same as a cockney and that is the same as a scouser

noone cares about different British accents

Americans probably have NO idea what you're talking about!

thank you for saying what everyone was thinking ! :) you speak words of wisdom my friend x

There sure as hell aren't 4 countries in Britain. England, Scotland and Wales. Ireland is a part of the British Isles, but that is NOT Britain.

#196's right. The north of Ireland is not a part of the British main land.

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Northern Ireland is not part of the Republic of Ireland. it's part of the United Kingdom. England, Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland. I count four

#210 No one said it wasn't part of the UK, we said it wasn't part of the main land, which it isn't cause that bit of water called the Irish Sea is in-between them...

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However, the Irish aren't British, they are Irish. NORTHERN Ireland is part of the UK, but not Britain. Scotland, Wales, and England are part of Britain however.

You're gonna need more than an hour to do a good british accent...

It would be quicker if you sat with your grandmother, drinking tea and eating biscuits..

yeah, coz we all do that in England lol :L nah us British chicks and guys just do the same as Americans!

hehe, i was joking. I was just saying what an ignorant person would say. If u noticed i live in britain, london.. :D

i want a british accent mate i love it!! although can you tell what site you learning from? i tried youtube but the 12yr fags are annoying.

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unfortunately that is a stereotype my British family follows :/

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Did you at least perfect it?