By touristtraphotel - Puerto Rico
Today, my former boss is threatening to keep my last paycheck until I return a skateboard that a guest forgot at the hotel about a month ago. She was the one who gave me the order to put it in the trash. FML
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  Nysha  |  17

Yep. Do some googling, write a formal letter (to HR if there's an HR department, or to your boss and boss's boss if not) detailing the situation and quoting the relevant laws, and say that if you don't receive what you're owed you'll be forced to take further action. Watch your money magically appear.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

Translation for people who can't seem to fire their neurons correctly:

The boss is toxic, therefore OP should leave that environment, but only after he/she gets their rightfully earned money.

I don't really give half a shit what any of you think, though. I wrote the comment because I liked it. Peace.

  tantanpanda  |  26

#6 false. You obviously know nothing about the hotel industry. If you forgot something in your stay, the hotel has a grace period that they'll keep the lost item for you, but it's generally only a week or two, maximum a month. The items that were forgot are offered to the staff after the grace period and if nobody wants it, it is thrown out. A customer cannot come back a month later and expect to get it back.