By walktowardslight - Denmark - R?dovre
Today, I still didn't feel quite awake after the first lesson at school, so I went to get a cup of coffee from the vending machine. I had just enough money for it. No cup dropped into the holder, and the whole thing poured straight into the drip tray while I watched. FML
walktowardslight tells us more :
Ugh, pour little me was just going about the daily grind, and now you're all making a mochary of my misfortune?!
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  EffyFails  |  18

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  hard_candy  |  25

I'm guessing #2 means the cosmic force, universe, God, karma, some higher power, ect. some people believe that everything happens for a reason. some believe in coincidences, or creating your own truth/fate. but whatever the reason for a shit day, I believe in all of it. coffee is a necessity to me, so I'm sorry for your loss, OP. must have been hard witnessing the death of your coffee.

By  iTzSelverZz  |  14

You could just tell who is responsible about what happened and you will get your coffee

  DARKDAY07  |  16

Doesn't really work that way if your getting coffee in between classes op probably didn't have time to go did someone explain what happened and then wait on them to get the coffee

By  ErinPinelli  |  24

Hide behind the machine. Wait for the next person to get their coffee. As soon as they're about to pick it up, hit them hard, pick up their coffee, and calmly leave.

  DoubleDosexo  |  12

I'm assuming this is in college #31, you don't have to be there. They really don't care, you're paying so you can choose to go or not. Op can just go home for the day, no questions asked.

  Joshwarrior  |  39

41 completely agree, but sadly some professors are dicks. Even if a student is getting an A on Hw and tests in some weird hybrid course. Where most of the assignment are online and through wiki, but doesn't go to all classes the teacher can do give them a D that's unable to be contested. Happened to me that seriously screwed up my GPA in university :/ lol but it's in the past now