By echo - 11/05/2016 18:59 - United States - Schaumburg

Today, I offered my friend $150 to drop my girl and me off for at the airport. He's poor, so I try to help him out by paying for rides. My girl being with me, I asked him not to smoke weed while driving. He turned down the job because he needs a minimum of two blunts for the trip. FML
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You are a good person but I don't think your friend would use the money very wisely...


You are a good person but I don't think your friend would use the money very wisely...

hellobobismyname 24

Yeah, it just sounds like OP is enabling him..

OP may have not known of his addiction and just thought he was doing a good deed. Also the way it is written it seems it isn't a frequent thing him giving money. But a follow up from OP could clear things up.

I know he is a pot head. He rents someone's basement and lives there with his parents, who are old and retired. His mom has kidney failure and needs dialysis treatments. And he makes little more than minimum wage. His priority was, is, and always will be smoking pot. He would rather not pay rent and get evicted than to skip his weekly purchase of weed. When he was unemployed, he takes his dad's retirement benefits to buy his "medicine". I don't see it as enabling more than as trying to slip him some cash to take care of his parents.

More like HeDI, if anything. If he flatout refuses to operate without da ganja for literally no good reason, he deserves to be penniless. Priorities, man!

Well guess where that money of the ride would have gone had he accepted it!

You did a good thing OP but does this mean that if your girlfriend hadn't been with you, you would have accepted the ride while he was stoned? Honestly, he may be your friend but he is not worth the risk.

He drives me to the airport every week for work and the car always smells like weed, but he doesn't do it in front of me. He probably lights up before and after dropping me off though.

If I were you, I'd stop funding his drug habit. He's poor because he uses his money for weed. If he stopped smoking some, he'd have more money for other things and could possibly have a better chance at getting a job. Sometimes as a friend, you need to step up and slap them in the face to wake them up. A real friend knows when to stand up when they know something is wrong. Driving while under the influence is dangerous for everyone. And don't tell me weed doesn't influence your actions, because it does.

It's Illinois, from my understanding it is still illegal there. It seems he'd never pass a piss test if he smokes so much. And it is stated he is poor, yet obviously he smokes a lot. So yeah, that's probably at least some of his issue. He also turned down an offer of money for a simple job because he couldn't smoke while doing it. Yeah, his smoking weed is most likely his issue.

Perhaps he could turn his habit into a profitable business. . . Granted, not a legal one

hellobobismyname 24

But you can't make profit for smoking weed and that is his habit.. How do you turn that into profit? He's funding someone else's "profitable business." Drug dealers *usually* don't use their own product. It's just bad business sense.

I work in the transportation industry and it saddens me to hear that some people need to be stoned and driving, intoxicated driving is dangerous no matter the substance. being in an altered state of mind begins the wheel can cost you, your loved ones, or random people their lives. yes have fun drink, smoke a joint or two but don't operate tons of metal while under the influence of any altering substance. OP I'm glad you've set a standard for your loved ones. and there's always alternatives to get where you need to go.

Mathalamus 24

should turn him in for driving under influence. somehow.

Not to mention cannabis stays in your system for days after you've partaken. Someone could have had his last joint two days ago and still fail a piss test. Not sure how it works for blood tests, though. Wonder if they'll be able to do a breath test for pot the way they do for alcohol.

jhill0609 2

They have saliva test that can only detect a certain number of hours after use.

Steve97 32

Well that plan went up in smoke.

$150 for a ride to the airport? Any chance the job offer is still open?

Yeah, but remember it's a "two blunt" type of trip. Might be a pretty far drive.

haha, it's a 10 mile drive, half an hour in traffic. I think I will Uber it though.

Would you happen to be in the Chicago area? I got a car. And time. And a love for $150. lol

Where I live now and where I grew up, it's a $150 job, for sure, depending on the airport. Shorter flights give you an option, but most long distance and all international flights left you with one choice. I grew up where most flights had to go out of LAX and asking someone to fight through that traffic after driving for nearly two hours is a lot to ask. We don't live quite that far from the airport we'd have to use now, but you do have to pass through one of the largest cities in the country to get to it so they have to fight through traffic here too. Depending on the length of the trip too, you might pay a lot less for someone to take you to the airport and pick you up when you get back than if you were to leave your car at the airport.