By awkward - / Tuesday 5 September 2017 12:00 / United Kingdom
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  evilplatypus  |  35

Op? No, they're an absolute shit friend if they only want to spend time with a supposed friend if there's a bunch of people around and it's financially convenient.

By  cacheson  |  38

As someone who just had a birthday party where most of the 18 guests bailed, leaving me with only 4 (and then 2 when half of them had to leave early) I have to say that it's probably really meaningful to that friend that SOMEONE didn't bail. I say more F their life for having sucky friends.

By  Death69  |  24

Had to go with YDI. Because this sounds more like an FML for the friend. Who had ALL his/her shitty friends cancel. Including yourself, had you had the chance to do SO.

By  jfsiv  |  15

YDI if your first thought is what a waste of time this was. turn it into a positive experience, and find something to do wherever you ended up. If it sucked that much to spend time with your girl, I hope she dumps you.

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