By stop_crying - 11/05/2016 18:55 - United States

Today, a twelve year-old girl was better at calming down my six month-old baby on the bus than me. FML
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In my experience it seems like its easier for kids to calm down infants than it is for adults. IDK, maybe kids know something we don't.

pom3440 22

of course she can.... she's not mom!


crazy_bananas 31

I guess you could say she is the baby whisperer.

In my experience it seems like its easier for kids to calm down infants than it is for adults. IDK, maybe kids know something we don't.

Well, I guess she was someone new and exciting for your baby. Plus babies love other children. Don't take it personally :) Easier said than done though, I have a young child and take everything like this personally, which is pretty draining.

pom3440 22

of course she can.... she's not mom!

Pretty normal, actually. Kids like to look up to those that don't actually have authority, but still know better. (Older kids)

Mathalamus 24

So you have a supportive and capable older daughter to help out with your baby? FYL OP.

Pretty sure the 12 year old was a stranger.

Children these days have weird telepathy and can have a connection with other children in an instant. Now if it was an adult, then I'd feel bad about myself but don't worry too much op, you're still a new father so you'll get the hang of it!

It happens. Kids are better at calming kids down.

MetalxSoldier 26

Looks like you just found yourself a new babysitter.

flyingflies 36

I don't think that it'd be safe to let a 12 year old alone with a baby.

What do you mean, #11? I had many female friends who started babysitting babies at that age. My mother babysat a NEWBORN at age 12, and it was her first gig, too. Age doesn't always parallel capability.

In Canada we take out babysitting course at 11-12. I myself started babysitting my younger brother at 9. It depends on the kids. Some 9 year olds are more dependable than some 16 year olds. 12 is a perfectly acceptable age to babysit.

flyingflies 36

Depends on the country, then. Where I live, I tried to find myself a babysitting job and was told that I'm too young at 20. It's only in the USA that I've seen people letting kids from the neighborhood babysit their children. Personally, I'd be afraid to let a baby, so fragile and in need of care, alone with a kid who I wouldn't be sure that would know how to respond in case of an emergency. Kids can stumble and fall and hit their heads even in front of their parents. It takes just a moment for an accident to happen. So, that's where I come from. Cultural differences, if you may.

For my parents, it always depended on the kid doing the babysitting. I started babysitting my brothers and their friends across the street when I was around 12 because they knew I could handle a crisis. Thankfully, there was never a crisis that involved the hospital or anything when I was alone with them, but they were confident that, if something HAD happened, I would know what to do and how to handle it. In my experience, it's usually situations like that where the babysitter is more than just a babysitter. I was a close family friend. I say "was", but I still am. They all want to come up to visit my husband and I the next time my family makes the trip up here. Those kids were at my house ALL the time and were practically family so their parents trusted that I could handle all 5 kids (my two brothers and their three kids).