By a.baybay - 07/01/2010 06:03 - United States

Today, I noticed that my long distance boyfriend of almost four months only calls me to have phone sex. FML
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You can expect that with long distance boyfriends...


You can expect that with long distance boyfriends...

warriormg12 4

how is he the fool? Shes the stupid one for doing a long distance relationship and actually thinking she has a legit bf. Hes prob just playin her.

Atalia 17

Long distance relationships aren't stupid. I've been in one for a year and 3 months and we're both extremely happy.

tyrob911 0

ydi. its been proven that king distance relationships don't work 92% of the time. what did u expect? 1. he gets no sex 2. no head 3. no **** for him of course he's calling for phone sex

Cartain 0

What is he supposed to want to talk about? It's a long distance relationship, and sex is very important in a relationship. So it makes sense that this is on his mind a lot.

I've never tried phone sex, it seems a bit strange, don't you think.

At first it is.. But it's hot, especially if you're extremely attracted to the person on the other side of the phone ;)

If you think it's weird at the start wait until it starts ringing!

tyty123_fml 0

well that's kinda bad but also good so yew can still pleasure yewr self

perdix 29

This would be an FML if he were your live-in boyfriend. Gotta love "King Distance!" Predictive text knows what you are thinking and then makes it better!