Method acting

By Anonymous - 27/05/2010 04:10 - United States

Today, I was having a hot telephone conversation with my boyfriend who lives in another state. Unfortunately, I even have to fake orgasms during phone sex. FML
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hellokinky2 0

umm, I think you're in charge of that one. fail on ur part

Did you, for a minute, think that the problem may be on your side instead of his? :-)


hellokinky2 0

umm, I think you're in charge of that one. fail on ur part

Hahaha seriously. Nottttt his fault at all.

wow... why fake it? most men don't care, and your BF probably has real sex with someone else when you get off the phone.

use two finger? idk.. you should know how to please yourself

kristinnicolexo 0

tragic lmao

wow op, blaming it on some one eleae just cause you couldn't do it? shame shame. learn how to pleaser yourself properly girl. spoo YDI. (:

I know some girls who feel embarrased to masturbate during phone sex or just don't like to. It's quite common actually.

ScooterScott 0


get a girlfriend to come over and show you how it's done. :) god I remember having to teach an ex how to get herself off solo

totaly ur fault

tsc32 2

so you couldn't even get yourself off?

lito27 0

agree with 1. how do you expect him to give u an orgasm over the phone u dumb bitch?

BluSkyNoise 0

hahahahahahhaaaa! #40 with the win!!! high five!! xD

xLeftoverxCrackx 0

lol he just does the talking u do the rest....

Doesn't that make more sense? Faking an orgasm on phone sex seems like... well, just obvious.

ya u do know ur suppose to pleasure itself their right?

whenever I have phone sex with my bf I just imagine he's sucking my dick

mines in another state 2 :(

kristinnicolexo 0

mine 3 :(

rbkhockey33 0

mine 4 :(

Goaliebeast 0

I don't have 1 :(

wow really unless y'all have real reasons like you bf works in the army etc... or is there for a job then ok understandable but if it just anyother fyl you should really find someone near you ..... btw I'm not say this cuz I don't know how it is cuz yes I did the same thing but I was what 15 .... well I wish you a good day/night

mines in a completly different continent :( and no we shall not find someone if you love them <3

Taradactyl_2011 0

mines in Hawaii for the army. I'm in Texas :/ I hate it.

thandidavis 17

And mine 6 :(

I wonder if she actually knew that you were faking it...

lickmyjock 0

my guess is he didn't care

NzxtZ06 0

mine 5, 6, and 7 :(

Did you, for a minute, think that the problem may be on your side instead of his? :-)

Do you really think he cares? Im sure he took care of himself just fine, its you own fault for not knowing your body FYL

that's not possible...

Dommy 0

Phone sex is awkward D:

Sexting isn't awkward! Love it!

wow that's a fail on your part, OP

get a toy. improvise girl, improvise

it's not her fault. maybe she just wasn't feeling it? I've had to pretend I'm enjoying it over the phone, when really I'm on the computer or watching TV. But OP should get a vibrator if she's gonna date someone on another state.

nman7 0

Or use the phone

learn how to give yourself an orgasm or get another boyfriend