By 3hoursleftofwork - 28/03/2012 18:02 - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes

Today, the magic of witnessing a sheep giving birth was ruined for me when I slipped and fell in the puddle of birth fluids. FML
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Theres magic in sheep giving birth? All this time i thought it was natural..


Eww? I slather myself in birth fluids on a daily basis.

#9 - Who doesn't? It's great for skin, especially if the fluids are free :D

I think that the birth fluids would only make the experience better.

I use birth fluids as shampoo, cooking oil, lube, and tooth paste so I don't see the problem.

19- sounds like you might have a birth fluid fetish... Nice to know I'm not alone.

That's what crazy b*stards over in Afghanistan do. Slurp on it, like it's good.

How close do you have to be to get a good view? Give the animal some space

...backs away slowly... v•.•"

I believe you mean ewe......

53- I think everyone should have seen what you did there...

That's really Baaaaaaaaaaaaaahd luck..

haha you beat me to it!

Yeah but if it is someone else's body fluids that is kind of gross!

A female sheep is a ewe not eww

Imagine if it was shit...

How is 32 not moded yet? Darn his magic cloack of invisibility!

I was thinking the same... Ewe!

so punny 53 so punny

Maybe reading these fmls while currently being sick isn't agood idea... I'm gonna go through up now

Slip 'n' Slide + Water = Decent experience. Slip 'n' Slide + Birth fluids = Win.

If you're not the one sliding. LOL

It freaks me out how well your picture goes with your comment

I'm not sure what to think of your picture?

I like chocolate milk.

92 - Cheese! For everyone! - Sheogorath

that's all part of the experience though...

Sounds like a b-a-a-a-a-a-a-d experience. See what I did there?

NO I didn't, what did you do :O?

^Nothing don't worry about it.

65, thanks for making Australia look bad. Of course you go to Gilhooleys! :-/

Still counts! what..? •~•

People need to stop making references to that song. Seriously.

42 - doesn't matter, had sex. That's what he's referring to. From the song "I just had sex" by Lonely Islands

That's so gross! Hope that somebody offered you a hose to clean yourself up! Or if you are on a farm that is also a home, hope they offered a shower!

Im pretty sure the sherp is hers

There goes my lunch.

And here comes mine. Don't ask me why I said that, and don't judge me! I love drinking birth fluids!

that was a great comment my friend

now you and the lambs have a special connection.

"The magic of newborn witnessing..."? That makes no sense. Just sayin'. If OP just got rid of newborn, it would make sense.

stevenJB 25

At least you were able to be a part of the birth?...

Technically OP was outside of the sheep, so she wasn't part of it

stevenJB 25


Theres magic in sheep giving birth? All this time i thought it was natural..

That pun was baaaaaaaaaad! I'm sure this experience was the strangest OP has ever haaaaaaaaaad.

I didn't see a pun.

That's what they want you to think

Actually, expelliarmus means to make someone drop their wand. Just thought i would be a know it all for a minute. Carry on.

Expelliarmus basically means expel weapon. The lamb was clearly the weapon of the sheep's vagina.

#48 Seriously, your picture is fucking disturbing.