By SureDoesMakeAGirlFeelGood - 13/04/2016 01:45 - Canada - Paradise

Today, I found out that my husband has more topless pictures of his ex on his computer than he does of me. FML
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amelitaliz 22

He shouldn't have any of his ex topless! We're clear that's the real problem, right? Not who he has more of? Good. Just checking.

It's best if he doesn't have any pics of you nude, you never know what could happen with those pictures, but he shouldn't have her pictures if he's in a relationship with you


Send more to him then?

that might promote competition

Why should he have any of ex in the first place? Think before you comment.

I'm pretty sure they were joking lol

Can you read in a sarcastic voice next time

Sit down and talk with him about how having those is wrong at this point.

Well that's a real kick to the crotch!

Or, perhaps a real kick to the crotch is just what he needs!?

You realize that OP is female...

Women have crotches too. Being kicked in the vagina is not a pleasant experience. Either way I wouldn't recommend kicking anyone there.

JohnTheDonJuan 11

Regardless, you shouldn't ever kick anyone there... Responding to upsetting news with violence is immature and will just cause more problems than it solves.

amelitaliz 22

He shouldn't have any of his ex topless! We're clear that's the real problem, right? Not who he has more of? Good. Just checking.

ManicGypsy 22

Now, at this day and age, his ex could easily be a man, in which case having topless photos would not be quite as big a deal. Just saying.

Malsain_fml 10

#4 So what? You can have topless pics of your gf but you have to burn them the day you separate? Keeping them is not so much of a problem (to me). Problem is to keep on watching them, and, most of all, for the other to know it. But I would not erase them.

I was really hoping someone would say that.

duckman9 55

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You must have the best relationships if you think it is OK to keep naked pics if exes. Whoever ends up with you is screwed.

How so? I don't see anything wrong with a guy holding on to pictures of past conquests. But that's just me. I keep pictures of my ex, doesn't make it any more likely for me to go back to her, although on the flip side of the coin I could see how others could still be emotionally attached. But in the case of OP's husband it sounds like they've been in a relationship for a while. Point is, you're jumping the gun by saving his relationships are screwed.

So just to be clear, if you're saying it's cool for a guy to keep pictures of his "past conquests" (real classy turn of phrase there, by that way), it should also be cool for his partner to keep pictures of *their* exes, right? Nothing wrong with your girlfriend keeping a bunch of dick pics from her exes. That wouldn't upset you at all, I'm assuming. Okay. Just checking.

I beg to differ. I don't see any reason why a person ought to keep pictures (topless or not) of their ex unless someone else of importance is in the frame as well. And if someone's doing that while in a monogamous, committed relationship, there's something very wrong with the relationship.

Malsain_fml 10

I think that keeping the pictures is not the problem. The problem is letting the other person know, or checking them to often. When I get older, I am pretty sure I'll be glad to have that picture of this gorgeous girl I once met when I was younger. That would not make me more likely to stop my current relationship. And if my gf would do the same, I would be ok as long as she would not start getting emotional or look at it every other day.

Actually 90, I wouldn't care if she had dick pics of some of her past boyfriends. As long as she's committed to me and hasn't given me a reason to not trust her I'm not so insecure that I need to burn or cry about her past.

Ask him about it OP..

It's best if he doesn't have any pics of you nude, you never know what could happen with those pictures, but he shouldn't have her pictures if he's in a relationship with you

Exactly. Way too many reasons not to share your nude pictures because even IF the person that receives them won't share them sooner or later (I think the number of people like that is really low) there is a big chance someone else might find them on their computer because people seem to know nothing of passwords, encryption and the amount of people I know that would not snoop on someone's PC is extremely low.

heroqucas 25

Just delete all the pictures of his ex while he's away.

catanita 18

This is the dumbest idea ever - this could lead to break-up. Just tell him that those photos make you uncomfortable and reach to a solution together.

heroqucas 25

Just to make sure you know, I was kidding. They really do need to talk about it, not act like little kids

Seriously bad idea. It's one thing to talk and have him delete them, but it's a totally bad idea to just delete them yourself. One is communication, the other is control and would just make him upset. It's possible he just sees it as no more than porn, his ex being just another girl to spank it too, so he might not realize it's problematic.

Many men want what they can't have... Now that they aren't dating those pictures have become exciting.

deathstroke990 22

if one day you were on your girlfriends phone for any particular reason, and saw a bunch of pictures of her ex boyfriends dick is that the first thing that would come to your head? no? probably more of a "wow he's better off than I am" not a "well she wants what she can't have and now its exciting"

I'm not sure why this is so badly downvoted. That's a pretty common reason why people keep pictures of their exes. The thrill of keeping a secret/ doing something 'wrong' is very appealing to people. Don't get me wrong it's a gross thing to do and makes their partner feel like shit, but it's not uncommon.

That's why it's always a risk when you put them out there. You can always ask for them to be deleted, but there are a lot of shitty people out there that will lie. If you are ever going to best plan of action is to make sure there is no way to link it back to you . Keep your face or tattoos out of the picture. :)

17- I didn't say that's how I felt or that there was no problem with keeping them, I was simply offering one possible explanation.

So why does he need pics of his ex then?