Today, my dad told me that he, my stepmother, my siblings, and my grandmother are going to Egypt for a week. A week ago, he told me they didn't have the time or money to visit me in Romania where I'm an exchange student. I've been here almost a year. FML

By seriously - / Thursday 24 May 2018 02:30 / Romania - Bucharest
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By  tranced_  |  41

If they really are trying to ignore you, then I guess the more freedom and space you get the better ! Concentrate on your studies OP and soon you'll get to travel like them, hopefully all by yourself!


Today, someone stole my card number and tried to use it. Every transaction got declined, not because the bank knew it was a fraudulent charge, but because I'm so poor that he couldn't make even a single purchase. FML

By NykP - / Wednesday 2 October 2013 16:56 / United States - Mesa
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