By clutzirella - United States - Bradenton
Today, I fed my 4ft python a live rat for the first time. He now has a new friend he won't let me near. FML
clutzirella tells us more :
the snake is not dead or bitten. I knew what I was doing and the rat is dead and eaten. they were all buddy for a matter of 20 minutes.
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By  _whyme_o  |  12

Actually, this is a little dangerous for your snake. If they're not hungry and do not eat it soon enough the rats can become crazy and kill your snake or at least do a lot of damage

  riffehunter  |  16

it's extremely dangerous for your snake, and also needlessly cruel to the rat. i used to have a snake and when frozen rats weren't available, i would quickly kill the rat beforehand by breaking its neck.
a rat is more than capable of killing your snake.

  acerredrum  |  23

My ex use to live feed. I told him time and time again that it was dangerous and he should stick to frozen thawed, or at least stay with the rat while he fed it. He didn't and one day the snake didn't eat the rat. Several hours later when he went to check on the rat there were huge gouges taken out of the snakes body, I took it to the vet but it was too late, the snake died on the way there.

  JokerJ312  |  23

I live fed my Mexican black king snake and he was fine but one mouse I got was a ninja and my snake couldn't catch it so I took it out and kept him and got my snake a new mouse. I've also seen nice eat smaller mice, not a pretty sight.

By  Rkikkas9713  |  25

I once had a Python that had a mouse friend, they slept together and everything. Either he doesn't want to hurt it or he's not hungry! Wait a couple days and everything should be back to normal. If not, take it to the vet to be safe.