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Today, some well-meaning soul told me to just pray my depression away, which would be about as effective as praying away a knife in my shin. FML
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I'm religious and even I think people get a bit too crazy about God being the only answer, don't worry OP, there are people out there who will and want to help you!


They probably meant pray AND do your treatments as well. Not a bad thing to say :)

No, it's likely they meant prayer instead of treatment. Christian fundamentalists, especially of the Pentecostal variety, are entirely like that. And if anyone says "pray your depression away", they're one of these. Guaranteed.

If they meant to say it then they would have said it. Now excuse me, I'm going to pray the stupid away.

There are those crazy people (like the "pastor" that kicks the spirits out of people-complete bullshit). Then there are those of us Christians that think science and medicine are a gift from God to be used to save people.

Prayer sort of IS an effective "treatment." Generally, when people pray, they say the same phrases over and over, consistently from one day to another. Research has shown that praying (or repeating the same phrase over and over) is soothing for the brain because it knows what to expect and exactly how it will be sent through the neurons. Depression and other mental illnesses have been found to be caused partially by anticipation and not know what is going to happen. By praying regularly, it can help alleviate symptoms of some mental illnesses by giving the brain a time to almost relax.

Of course, that's not to say that praying should be used as the sole treatment

**** that, try a practical approach.

I agree #1. I don't know why this was down voted so much.

This is retarded.. The reason why prayer works is because of GOD.

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God is imaginary. Sorry not sorry. Someone had to say it.

I'm religious and even I think people get a bit too crazy about God being the only answer, don't worry OP, there are people out there who will and want to help you!

To each their own, some people find console in faith, and this console can allow them the strength to overcome their depression. People get depressed for different reasons, perhaps he meant it more in a sense to fill an emptiness in his life?

Depends on the depression. My intermediate family and I all have to take medication for our depression.

everybody copes differently I suppose. as epically difficult I'm sure it is, you just have to find the thing that works for you. best wishes!

If you get the knife out of your shin that will probably ease the depression a bit.

God can't help you all the time. Try getting some anti-depressants or therapy.

If your god can't help, then your god isn't a god.

If your religion is made by man, you have no god. Oh wait...

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that's a bit convenient isn't it?

And the Christian god is one of hundreds. You have no valid point in your post at all besides random biblical nonsense.

That awkward moment when you realize that internet is dominated by us heathens.

God save me from your followers. Amen.

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I've went to support groups recently and I've found that those help a lot. The sense of companionship and trust you build is pretty great. Maybe try one OP?

This is the exact mindset that has led to one of my church peers into committing suicide. They would "treat" his depression with a group prayer, and when he didn't magically feel better, he felt like it was his fault. He died feeling like he was nothing more than a burden to everyone he cared about. And the church helped him feel that way, all in the name of God. OP, as someone who also suffers from depression, hang in there. Get therapy if you can, and anti-depressants. If your available therapists suck, find *something* as an outlet. You're already strong for having come this far.

How do you know what he was thinking when he died? Or why he killed himself? Were you there? Have you talked to him since he committed suicide?

Have you heard of things called suicide notes?

I have experienced medical depression on and off over the years. Sessions with a competent therapist helps as well as medication as needed. Right now, I see a therapist, make time to exercise, go to a NAMI peer class so am managing without medication. I read FML too because I read in a Psy 101 text that humor and knowing that some folks are worse off than you can help. Once my boyfriend some years back (now ex) said to me, "Have you tried not being depressed?" That still makes me laugh sometimes on how ignorant people are about mental illness. Religious practice helps some people, but prayer can only go so far. Like you said, medical issues generally take more than spiritual intervention.

Agreed mostly with this. The thing about religious practice is that it's not so much the "religious" part that helps, a lot of it is the ritual. Humans love ritual, to a degree. There's also the peer support that can come with religious practice, if you practice a mainstream religion. mistress_paz clearly knows what she's talking about, so take her advice, OP.

... Someone actually used the "have you tried not being a mutant" trope seriously? I thought that was limited to Chick tracts. Good gods.