By lala - 25/01/2010 17:21 - United States

Today, I used the Print Screen button to take a picture of a really cute bag that I want for my birthday. After emailing it to my mom, I noticed I'd forgotten to close another tab in the browser. The tab had a very suggestive title, for an even more suggestive website. FML
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I'm dying to know what site this person was on

And you didn't just copy the website that the bag was on because...?


Seconded. What use is a screenshot anyways? Better to just c&p the URL, then it would have been easier for your mom to purchase it. YDI

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Except for the fact that you are. Learn from ichc - nawt sekond.

if you go alt pr scr it only takes a screenie of the window selected. Also... Crop it down?

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why don't you just get rid of the tab and just print it out again?

print screen takes a screenshot of the entire screen, but you can easily edit that in paint... OP why were you searching for birthday bags and **** at the same time, when im searching for **** i always think about "emailing" my mom

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I love how 94 is oblivious to what a print screen was.

And you didn't just copy the website that the bag was on because...?

and this has ruined your life? wow....

She could have cropped the picture if she didn't want to just send the link. What an idiot... fyl though.

ikr! like how the hell did that ruin ur life??

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FML isn't about your life being ruined, does this suck? yes. that's the point. No need to act like a moron so you can get some satisfaction out of a negative comment.

wow dumb. I use print screen a lot but I always crop down the pic to where it's just the pic. but, on the other hand, your a girl who watches ****, yay! :D

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Dude, all girls watch ****, it's not that surprising. They just don't admit to it until you corner them.

Haha, not all. Never seen it in my life ;

Not every girl watches ****, but a LOT do. Including me. Maybe if people would stop labelling girls as ***** for liking or wanting sex as much as guys do, it would be every girl.

It's kinda unfair, if a girl likes sex she's a ****, if a dude likes sex he's king of the kings. Guess we really need to develop our mental part...

"It's kinda unfair, if a girl likes sex she's a ****, if a dude likes sex he's king of the kings. Guess we really need to develop our mental part..." well it works like this... If there was a lock that could be opened by many keys then it would not be a very good lock now would it, but if there was a key that could open every lock then it would be considered the master key. and yes i did create an account just to post that. bu-dum-cha

So, I guess that your key is... either broken or worn out. What's the point of locking?

you got ****** owned babe. and honestly, a ****** that's been slammed, gets dirty, loose, and just plain gross. and for a dude that has sex a lot, the only thing that can really change (other than STDs) is that it'll stop working. girls just weren't meant to have sex a lot.

bullshit its not even possible in this day n age to have never watched ****.. there are so many ads online, commercials on tv

MS paint. Simple. Also, you're an idiot for not just sending the link.

Yeah, just send the link. No need to show your mom that you were on

You couldn't crop the bag out of the whole screenshot? Or did taking the extra second to do that seem like too much of a hassle? That sending the link thing that someone suggested also works. Or did you wanna show off your newly-learned screenshot skills to everyone? I don't think you needed to tell us how to take a screenshot.

Tabbed browsing hides no secrets. You might as well just come out the closet now.

YDI. Unless the website disabled it for whatever reason, you could have right clicked on the image and saved it, you could have just sent the link, or if you had to use print screen it's very easy to crop it out. Plus, I doubt your mother is going to look at the tabs in your browser.