By YeahItsmecoolhuh - 17/02/2011 06:50 - United Arab Emirates

Today, I found a horde of ants in one of my socks when I put it on my foot. FML
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Horde 8

You were lucky. They could have been Alliance ants, and ganked your feet all day [/nerd]

atomicJ 0

They had it all planned out


lionandthelamb61 9

Maybe do laundry more often and don't leav your socks outside? If both those things don't apply, that's really weird.

lol first 2 comments, almost 3 are from the same people above this FML.

AA357 0

guys, she lives in the united Arab emirates, probably happens all the time.

Miq94 0

erm not really I live in the UAE and it's actually more civillised and cleaner than most countries ( including USA) so ye op is jus really dirty not because she lives in the uae

lol ants like to gather sperm from humans and take it back to the hive for nesting question is why was there sperm in that guys sock some ones lonely hahaha btw I just pulled that gathering sperm out of your ass for the ppl really think that's true .... I can't say much

that guy is a girl....

sadie820 3

I seriously doubt that

op should keep spiders in his socks. just so ants wot get it.

14 don't hate on the Arabs u worthless piece of shit

#14 you seriously dunno anything about u.a.e, so shut it.

OP, this was a true FML

atomheartm_fml 0

Just because #14 used a stereotype doesn't make him an intolerant. You americans are so extreme. (The last sentence is a joke, calm down)

SarahStarzz 0

#14 ur very stupid -.- don't hate

atomicJ 0

They had it all planned out

jonan1212 5

their death wish? :s

A little ant army! just like the movie "ants".

Eww. What happened to clean socks?

were there any in your pants too?

wash ur socks more often man, that disguSting!

Charlie_Gardner 5

I see what you did there.


Do you want ants? Because that is how you get ants!

imagine if it were spiders lol

why would you say such a thing D:

Horde 8

You were lucky. They could have been Alliance ants, and ganked your feet all day [/nerd]

Reference win ^^

duckie227 22

I almost posted that. for the horde!

actually, for the alliance. ;) ally ftw.

Fuck the Horde! kek