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  samay402  |  0

go sleeep with his father (if he's cute).
if not then sleep with his bro.
if that still doesn't happen then go get your dad, if they're still married, and walk in on your bf and mom doing it.. he will prob get shot :D

By  tyrob911  |  0

I love this. your boyfriend is living one of my fantasies. my girlfriends mom is so hot (think shyla styles with a nice round ass). I flirt with her all the time

  elvgar  |  0

my ex is freakin hott
i met her sis the first day we dated and im like i want a threesome
then her mom got home and she is a milf
her whole family is hot(chics tht is)

By  mickeyymouse  |  0

#6 that's horrible! why the he'll are you even dating this girl if you just want her mother?!?! what the hell is wrong with you? I say the same thing bout ur ex darl. he's obviously a dick and not worth ur time