By DMStarsky - United States
Today, I ate a bowl of my girlfriend's homemade chili. She went a little heavy on the spices, but I ate it anyway. An hour later, I can now say that if it burns going in, it will explode coming out your rear. FML
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By  every1luvsboners  |  11

Sometimes you gotta pay the price to eat some good chili. I find having the explosive shits very invigorating. Me and my roommate will go to a buffet and eat uncontrollably just to see who can hold it in the longest. Little does he know that I love the pain and I'm always packing a butt-plug.

  The_Troller  |  14

If I were you, I'd be careful with those butt plugs. I've heard that if you aren't careful they can build up great amounts of pleasure... Oops, pressure. They can cause a lot of pressure. Or pleasure. Whichever you prefer.