By DMStarsky - 21/10/2011 17:19 - United States

Today, I ate a bowl of my girlfriend's homemade chili. She went a little heavy on the spices, but I ate it anyway. An hour later, I can now say that if it burns going in, it will explode coming out your rear. FML
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Burn, burn, burn, the burning ring of fire.

Your a nice guy for eating it :D your a good guy


thats why they call it your chili hole :)

Put the toilet paper in the freezer...

sounds like shitty situation? teehee at overused joke.

your vagina is overused

drop it like it's hawt.

so is your butthole 25.

People on this thread must not like you much, eh?

That's hot stuff

its like acid from the anus

Norskchic I wanna get to know you ;*


no i dont think so dipshit

Burn, burn, burn, the burning ring of fire.

Burn baby burn! Anal inferno!!!

Fire in the hole

That can be your new super power OP you can be "The great lord flatulence" and fight evil villains with your fiery bum hole.

I can't believe those words were produced by your fingers...

Well believe it. I have an over active imagination

It's not a fire hole yet. If just an hour passed he's still incubating it till it morphs into time bomb.

16- you deserve a thumbs up!

aahh you did the lyrics wrong. very slightly but it bothers me :P

I can honestly say I sang instead of reading it.

Maybe sandwiches will work. They can't be made wrong, I guess. :p

What are you talking about?? Sandwiches??

Did you mean ouch? In that case yes. I'm not sure what "auch" is..

She is from Holland...

Then it would be just Au or Autch ;) But yeah... Painful it is no matter where you're from :D

My bad! Didn't check the info, sorry 4. I feel like a douche now/:

but she wants to live in America so she better learn how to spell things correctly like Aeutch duh!

You do realize english is the single hardest language to learn if your not born into it right?

To 76 btw

You have big boobs

i'm sorry didn't know that, i'm feeling really stupid right now haha

Your a nice guy for eating it :D your a good guy

Maybe you should cook from now on...ouch.

Burn, burn baby burn. Haha happens with flaming hot cheetos too.

Omg it's you again mrs peanut butter!

Sounds shitty to me...

Can I kill you know?

24- No, don't kill him yet. Wait until he makes another "shitty" joke.

Shite, it's supposed to be NOW, not KNOW. Bloody hell, stupid typos.

Sometimes you gotta pay the price to eat some good chili. I find having the explosive shits very invigorating. Me and my roommate will go to a buffet and eat uncontrollably just to see who can hold it in the longest. Little does he know that I love the pain and I'm always packing a butt-plug.

If I were you, I'd be careful with those butt plugs. I've heard that if you aren't careful they can build up great amounts of pleasure... Oops, pressure. They can cause a lot of pressure. Or pleasure. Whichever you prefer.

That.....was very strange.

You don't troll on Boners. K?

You can not limit trolling, but trolls can limit you o_O

Your girlfriend sounds like a marvelous cook... Haha

Yeah, a firestorm!

Let's take chipoltle as an example: Good food that makes you shit blood.