By fuck my goddamn life - 15/02/2014 20:51 - United States

Today, I'm stuck in a hotel with my psychotic mom, all because she swore there were "demonic" noises coming from our oven. Yeah, our oven is totally possessed, you idiot. FML
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pretend to fall asleep and then act like you got possessed

Give her a list of your favorite baked foods that are known to repel demons.


pretend to fall asleep and then act like you got possessed

Yeah, not a good idea. Seeing how crazy the mom is, who knows what'd she do to someone who she thought was possessed.

#2 this woman thinks because she sucks at cooking and lights everything on fire the oven is possessed. She's likely to drive a stake through her child's heart if he pretends to be possessed. Not going to lie I would love to hear a news anchor try to tell this story with a straight face.

that is really bizzare and psycho of your mum but I don't think you should call her an idiot. she is still your mum

#69 just because she is OPs mum, doesn't mean she isn't an idiot though. OP can say what they like, and the mum kind of is an idiot for thinking the oven is possessed.

I don't think she is an actual idiot. If you read the FML properly you would know that mom of OP is psychotic. That's actually a mental disease. During psychotic episodes she can see and hear all kinds of crap. OP is actually lucky she only thinks the oven is possessed....

Anyone can be an idiot. Just because it's someone's parent doesn't make them any less of one

#85 I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, and can honestly say I have never thought that an oven was possessed. If this was the case with OPs mother then I'd assume it would be mentioned, rather than referring to her as an idiot, but I'm sorry if I came across as rude.

You may laugh, but in fact OP's mother should se psychiatrist, such behaviour may be schizofrenic, it's nothing to laugh about. Op take care of your mather instead of being mad at her!

Did you tell her to say the power of Christ compels you? Hahaha

The power of Christ could cook for you though

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How exactly does one prove the absence of demons?

make devil food cake and leave it in the oven for an hour. if its still there then no demons are in the oven

You should try to get your dad to come pick you up (if he can). Stay strong OP!

Go along with it, it'll make for a great story

Give her a list of your favorite baked foods that are known to repel demons.

Cwizer 17

Fire in the belly of that beat!!!

You can always try out the hotels gym or pool so you won't be stuck.

I remember last time this happened to us, we had to get our toaster exorcised, with special holy water distilled from the tears of simpletons.