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By ThankfullyNotKickedOut - 26/08/2016 18:17 - United States - Coldwater

Today, I was trying to cook a pizza for lunch at my in-laws. I preheated the oven and took my dog out to go potty. I come back in to find the house filled with smoke, the detector going off, and a fire in the oven. Apparently, my mother-in-law left a tray of glass candle holders in it. FML
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They shouldn't have been there, but you always check the oven. It's rule #1

YDI for not checking, especially in someone else's home.


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More like, why did GLASS catch fire.

We don't know what the tray the candleholders were on was made of or whether it was flammable, but that aside, most glass candleholders aren't borosilicate -- they will break (and/or explode) if they're heated to pizza-cooking temperatures. Then there're decidedly flammable wicks and molten wax spattered in a hot oven and probably on the heating element (if the oven's electric) or flame (if it's gas), and, well, there you have it.

No, Mom-in-law, let's go through it again. Pizza in the oven, candles in the disused fireplace. Pizza in the oven, candles in the disused fireplace. Pizza - oven. Candles - fireplace. Got it?

The only silver lining here is that proper pizza regulations were adhered to, and the poor thing's remains were cremated. R.I.P. *salutes*

Actually, I was only preheating the oven, i hadn't put the pizza in yet. I ended up microwaving it. lol

You have to check the oven everytime you turn it on...

They shouldn't have been there, but you always check the oven. It's rule #1

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It doesn't occur to everyone that some people think it's ok to use the oven as storage. If it's not something you do & therefore do as habit anyway, or you're not aware the owner of the oven does it, why would you think to check it?

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You just check it. It doesn't matter if you think something is in there or not, you always check. My mom keeps baking trays in the oven and I never once just turned on the oven to whatever temperature, not even the first time before I knew she had that habit. Giant rule in baking.

I agree with #24. I even check my own oven, on the off chance that I've might have forgotten that I left something in there. Even if OP doesn't store sheets or anything in the oven between uses, there are enough other people who do that should have made OP realize that they should take a whole 3 seconds to check inside first before turning it on.

@24, I never in my life met anyone who stored things in the oven until I started dating my current boyfriend; and its still very odd to me. In my family we always had our baking trays in the drawer under the oven, and then we had a cabinet for the pots and pans, or put them in the hutch. But my boyfriend's family kept their baking trays in the oven, and put their pots and pans in the drawer under the oven.

That isn't a drawer that's the way the oven heats up

#5, agreed. It's not even just to see whether anyone's left anything in the oven; it's also to make sure the racks are in the right position for whatever it is you're about to cook. #40, in electric ovens the "broiler drawer" is in fact a storage drawer.

We used to keep my mom's cast iron skillets in the oven but we kept forgetting they were there. Fortunately cast iron skillets are made so they can be used in the oven.

So FML thinks it's reasonable that some people don't know about the 6 month passport rule and wouldn't think to check it out beforehand, but unreasonable that some people don't think to check ovens for random objects?

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ALWAYS CHECK THE OVEN. Even if you know nothing is in it.

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You don't preheat an oven with food in it, so the pizza wouldn't have been put in the oven to preheat it...But still, you ALWAYS check an oven before turning it on, especially if you're going to leave the house to take a dog for a walk.

She preheated the oven, meaning that she was waiting for the oven to get up to the proper temperature before actually heating the pizza. Edit: whoops, #7 beat me to to it!

Oh oops I read it quickly and missed the "pre", thank you both for clarifying .

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Also, some ovens don't have the windows in them to look before hand.

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Maybe not; but they all have doors you can open. ;) My own has a window, but I turn on the light and open the door to check regardless, because some things you can't see well through the window. It's like sniffing the milk before you drink it. You shouldn't need to; ideally it's not necessary; but you only have to not do it once when it was necessary to learn it's a really good idea.

YDI for not checking, especially in someone else's home.

Reminds me of a story about the daughter in law that burned up $30,000 cash in her mother in law's oven because she didn't check. Fact or fiction, it taught me to always check the oven.

hah that makes me think of "there's always money in the banana stand."

My sister doesn't have a lot of space in her appartment and she doesn't use the oven very often, so she uses it as storage. I think a lot of people do that. You could also leave leftover from the previous meal to reheat. NEVER turn on an oven you didn't check.

I don't know about you, but I always check the oven before I put anything in.