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Today, excited that I finally got a place of my own, I invited my boyfriend over for a sexy sleep over. He told me his mom doesn't want him sleeping over. He's 21 years old. FML
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Looks like you got yourself a momma's boy OP. just go over to his house often and eat dinner with the family and she will eventually warm up to you and let him go over there. Good luck OP.

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Looks like you got yourself a momma's boy OP. just go over to his house often and eat dinner with the family and she will eventually warm up to you and let him go over there. Good luck OP.

Living under mama's roof you get mama's rules. Suck it up buttercup, get a job and move out on his own.

When the OP mentions "sexy sleepovers", she doesn't sound old enough to be having them.

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We don't know for sure he's living with his mom, though.

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I know of some over bearing super conservative mothers that would flip out if their son slept over at a girls house even though they were moved out and over 18. "It's inappropriate and unchristian" to some mothers I've met

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But you're not the only one op. I had an ex that was in college but lived at his moms a lot of weekend and breaks. He was 22 and was at my house the one weekend. He was going to stay the night because the roads were really icy. She freaked out and made him come home and he slid into a tree in his way home and ended up having to be towed. She was crazy and I found out the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Reasoning he's my ex. Maybe you should leave him or he should face momma bear and move out.

Obviously he's either too dependent on his mother to move out or lazy enough that he's okay with being mommywhipped in exchange for free rent, either way OP should consider dumping this loser unless she's anticipating a future in which she is busting her ass taking care of and providing for an entitled manchild.

Or maybe he's still relying on his parents because he can't afford to move out yet. Not everyone can move out at 18, especially if they boyfriend is in college or something and is receiving help from his family. If I was getting help from my family id have to listen to them no matter how old I am.

Why would he let his mum control him at that age!?

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Maybe out of respect? Some people choose family over *******

7- You don't let people control you out of respect. It was the mother who chose what he did not the boyfriend, so he didn't choose his family over sex; your comment makes hardly any sense.

19 - The FML says his mother didn't want him sleeping over; not that she forced him to stay home. She simply told him what she liked/didn't like. It's on him what he ends up doing.

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If I was him I would cum over in a heart beat, no matter what my mum said.

We could discuss this till the end of time, but we don't know if the mum forced him to stay home or not.

Personally I think it comes down to he lives in his mom's house so he wants to respect her rules/word so he'll stay on her good side.

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Personally, my opinion if you're 21, regardless if you live with your mommy or not, you'd think that she would give him more freedom. Because if it was the opposite situation I doubt she'd like to be controlled like that. So non the less I think she's a control freak.

This might be his mommy's way of getting him to move out. The poon to a 21yr old guy is way more effective than any other real life incentive to get your own place.

He also could have just used his mom as an excuse for not having to see his girlfriend. I know that after some long days I don't feel like seeing mine. And that's how I learned to become ambidextrous.

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Honestly, my girlfriend is 22 and I wasn't allowed to sleepover until we got our own place together. She was living under her grandparent's roof so she had to abide by their rules. End of Story.

61- That is different, OP's situation would be more like your parents saying she could stay at yours but her grandparents not letting her sleep over at yours.

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The point was that he didn't live with his mom.....

What if his mom was under his roof? My mom lives under mine( I pay all the bills so its not her roof) and she still tries to boss my around.

Because he's an idiot and a momma's boy

Unless he is paying her to live in her house he needs to respect her rules even if its your place you two want to stay at... Sounds like your BF needs to sit down and talk with his mom about what he wants out of his life.

I believe that is incorrect on a superficial level, as an adult (whether it'd be 18 or 21) you have responsibility AND liability to do whatever you want, acknowledging that there will and may be consequences or subsequently induce a predicament. He is an adult, but meh.

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He's an adult yes, but even living on your own you have to abide by a landlord's rules. At my apartment complex we can't use drugs (such as marijuana) or have more than two pets. It's not about being "responsible" or "liable" to do whatever the **** I want. Its being mature enough to obey the rules set by authority, whether it a landlord or a mother.

Yes but those rules apply because the landlord doesn't want them in the property. I'm sure landlords don't care if your girlfriend who lives on the other side of town has two or three pets. I agree you should follow parents' rules whilst staying under their roof but they should only set rules concerning behaviour in said house or other things that actually affect them. For instance, if you were planning on coming back late then that might affect them but staying at a girlfriend's shouldn't. Do they expect OP to never make choices and mistakes until he's actually a 'full' living away adult but has no experience of how to deal with them?

In USA she is a awful mom. In the eastern countries she's a very good mom. God, funny how the culture varies with places

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#9 for me that's a cute moustache.

I'm from the USA and I do not believe she is an awful mom.

One would hope that by twenty one you have taught your child enough of your morals that you could trust them to di what is right without rules.

Lol thank god my parents are Americanized. Coming from an Indian lol

Perhaps that is exactly the reason why she didn't allow him..

I can see why that would be frustrating, but remember: He has to live with his family so alienating them would be a PITA for him. Since you have your own place now, surely you can manage a sexy evening, or morning, or Saturday afternoon, or whatever. It's a nuisance perhaps but hardly impossible.

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Yeah my son would use me as an excuse sometimes if he didn't want to do things but was afraid a refusal would hurt feelings. Or maybe his Mum really is concerned & he doesn't want to stand up to her or hurt her feelings.

Last time I checked a man that obeyed house rules and respected his mother was a real man.

OP, a man who disrespects his mother is a man that would disrespect his SIgnificant Other as well. Sounds like he has a promising future if you are able to see if that way. Perhaps seek out a more positive relationship with his mother? Achieving it could only work out to your benefit, in both the near and far future. If not that, at least don't go burning any bridges just yet.

Wow, and I would've gone mad if I had to live with my parents after I turned 16. Maybe talk to him about moving out/in with you?

I know not everyone gets along with their parents, but some people actually enjoy their parents company.

Benchyface: So you're telling me you moved out of your house at 15 years of age and got a place of your own? Likely story. Besides, some people can't afford to move out with this economy.

Oh wait, you moved in with your boyfriend. Your parents may have consented to that, but I doubt many others would let their child, who is still in highschool, move in with a significant other. Anyway, my last point still stands. Maybe I'm being ignorant, but if I was a parent that wouldn't gel with me very well.

How about just because they are dating doesn't mean they should live together. That can ruin a good relationship if both people are not ready for that stage. She should respect his mothers rules. Or maybe he didn't want to stay over with her and just used his mom as an excuse.

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@40- Considering, she has to deal with bipolar, borderline personality disorder, and erectile disfunction (?) she may not have had a choice. Maybe her parents asked her to leave.

Funny that you assume such stupid stuff. First off, I moved by myself when I just turned 16, maybe not with my family's consent, but for my own sanity. My boyfriend moved from England, and in with me when I was 17. Just because you might be lazy, doesn't mean you can't get an apartment of your own at 16. Redpill: If you ever get cancer, I hope people can make fun of your disease, so you can see how much fun it is. BPD, bipolar and eating disorders aren't joking matters, grow up.