By [email protected] - 6/12/2008 04:54 - France
  Today, I decided to spend a night of love with my darling, so I arranged to meet him in a very classy hotel, gave him the room number and waited in a super-sexy outfit. There was a knock at the door, so I opened it enticingly, convinced it was him. It was room service. FML
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By  Fields4mint  |  0

What, did your guy never show up or something? Is that why it's a FML? That the only person who saw you like that was room service?

Otherwise, I can tell you, room service sees/hears much worse things than a woman in a sexy outfit.

By  ftsk_fan_12  |  0

1. next tim emaybe you should use the peephole
and 2. hahahahahahahahah i so agree with #8. if my boyfriend texted me and said "are you ready for a night of love my darling?" i would probably punch myself in the face hahahahahahaha