Some pain, no gain

By Charity Taylor - 18/10/2019 22:00

Today, after establishing that we have no idea what's wrong with me, only that it's chronic pain, my doctor informed me that even though I've been dealing with increasingly worse symptoms for years, I'm not a "good applicant" for pain medication. FML
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With chronic pain, it's real easy to get addicted to them. That's probably why.

There's weed, there's alcohol. Or get a second opinion.


With chronic pain, it's real easy to get addicted to them. That's probably why.

There's weed, there's alcohol. Or get a second opinion.

Get a new doctor and go to a pain clinic. A lot of doctors won’t give them out anymore but pain clinics do.. good luck

Your doctor must feel that you have an addictive personality. It sounds terrible to but they did you a favor.

Medical marijuana

Please, please, PLEASE seek out a new doctor if you are able. I have been trying to find the source my chronic, progeessively debilitating pain for 16 years. I was finally diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome hypermobility type this week. It explains so many things and I'm grateful to know why. I'm also waiting on potential diagnoses of Tethered Cord Syndrome and POTS. It is so exhausting to keep going to doctor after doctor begging for help. But if you turn out to have a rare disease, you have to run into a doctor competent enough to recognize what specialist they need to refer you to. And a doctor who actually knows which specialists are worth going to. Please keeping looking. Find a primary doctor who you trust and who is committed to working with you to get to the bottom of this. They do exist! In response to everyone talking about how denying this woman adequate pain management is a favor to her, if you don't experience daily chronic pain, butt out. There are so many medications available to manage chronic pain that are not opiods. Depending on your pain, maybe celebrex might help. It's basically prescription ibuprofen with a somewhat different action AND is easier on the GI tract. It's not habit forming. It's been a miracle for me. Gabapentin has also been very helpful for me. It can be habit forming, but has a small risk of abuse especially when compared to drugs like hydrocodne. People don't realize that severe, debilitating, chronic pain makes it impossible to participate in and share life with those you love and do what you love to do. If opiods are the only way to manage your condition, there are pain contracts that can help safeguard against improper use/abuse and overdose. PLEASE KNOW THAT YOU MATTER. Your pain and life experience matter. You deserve to have your pain competently managed. You deserve respect, support, competency, and help from your doctors and your community. You deserve hope that tomorrow will be better. Thinking of you.

Thank you this means so much to me I'll keep trying

With all your symptoms please also get checked for Chiari Malformation it goes hand in hand with POTS, EDS, fibromyalgia etc. Just know you are not alone and lots of people are experiencing the same thing as you!

I appreciate that I'll ask them thank you

trying to save his own ass lol