By Anonymous - 21/01/2012 20:38 - United States

Today, I'm so broke that when I got out of the shower, I had to slowly dry myself off with a ShamWow sample I received in the mail. FML
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Was the camera guy following you?

If those things do what they say they do that doesn't sound like a problem to me!


Was the camera guy following you?

Your gonna love his nuts!

blackbelt25 12

You'll be saying "WOW" every time.

n_epic_fail 14

The Sham Wow guys is a creep... And he Rushes threw the whole commercial like he actually has a life.

Xr70r7 4

Til' your bifocal curious? Ok I'll stop

Wait, so how did you dry yourself before?

Atleast you can shower! Be thankful

SHAMWOOHOO :D!! Awww Yeahhh

xcdog16 0

Slap chop ya face make a double chin salsa

ICaughtFire 4

Has anyone else seen the.commercial for the "Schticky"? "Problem with that shedding pussy? Clean it up with the Schticky!"

I have to use my sock :(

The_Tool1 13

183, shut up. Gingers have no souls.

202- Don't talk to the gingers, they will attempt to take your own soul.

Well, did it work??

iamabamf 17

I'm sorry, I'm sure it'll get better. Best of luck, OP.

Well op start stealing your neighbors wifi (internet bill) watch tv on project free tv (cable bill). Wear lots of clothing to save on heating costs, only take cold showers. Buy a shit ton of Kraft dinner, mr noodles and misc. can food in bulk. Go get some card board and start a fire to cook your food (only if you live outside of the city and have a back yard) and that's how i've lived for the past years. I only spend $50 a month actually

*on food and bills not rent...

Thumbs this comment down if it's sad that I live like this

Thumb this down if it's sad that I live like this

Saddest part is I used to be a doctor

tparis123 5

If u can go on FML your not that bad off. Stop trollin for attention

Oh I can go back home and be a doctor again but I wanted to see the world so I decided to go canada for a few years however I'm not legally allowed to practice medicine so I work 4 assisting a legal doctor which is legal amount I can work in my visa. After this I'm going to brazil were I can again practice again. :)

tparis123 5

Good. Go back there and stop trying to steal hardworking American jobs.

After that I plan to go home where I will make about 500000 Libyan dinars a year, which is the equivalent of about 450000 of your American dollars.

Ps I live in canada. I would swear at you but I can tell you have your problems if your getting angry at some random guy on the Internet. I hope things work out for :)

tparis123 5

Cool. Another 100000 and u can buy a stick of gum

tparis123 5

PS Canada sucks

You pay $100000 for gum in America i knew your economy had taken a hit after the recession but damn man thats bad I'm in the wrong business ;)

tparis123 5

In dirty Mexican money 500000 can buy u a happy meal at McDonald's. USA

Like really your money must be fucking worthless like if your gum is that much, like that wouldn't buy the most disease ridden whore in tripoli

tparis123 5

Whatever happened to mr. no curse?. He lose his job again? :)

Oh well sir I'm from Libya which is across the sea from Italy in Europe I'm not even close to Mexico. We are a country mostly built on massive oil reserves since about 1950. The oil made us the richest country in Africa that why I get paid the same amount as doctors in America

tparis123 5

Blah blah blah. All the same in our book:)

I'm sorry but like really that caught me off guard 100,000 for gum how much is the minimum wage in America like $400000 an hour. I bet my Canadian dollars are worth like $10000000000 x ten to the power of 100

tparis123 5

Your probably not even a real doctor.

Depends what country I'm in Canada no in USA yes in Mexico yes ,brazil yes, china yes, Russia yes, Libya yes

tparis123 5

Watching scrubs doesn't make u a real dr FYI (:

What's scrubs?

Wow they reset the thread now we can only wonder what the conversation was that that led to that ^^^

Thanks moderator that guy was kind of an ass. But I want to know what scrubs is now :(

It's a TV show, a comedy series about trainee doctors.

Thanks Sirin I tried googling it but all I got was people in shitty looking clothes. By the way is that picture like a cartoon drawing of you,

What do you mean by that?

It's an evasion. The last person to ask me that question was Jimmy Hoffa.

Can trouble you tell me what an evasion is?

Ohhh wait did you mean the union guy who went missing?

Well if you did kill him my first question is why you didn't kill nixon?

Maybe I should learn more English "the island"

bargarlm 2

Well does it work?

somerandomdude19 2

Was it a free sample?

Rddvl 11

Samples are usually free..that's why they're called samples...

If those things do what they say they do that doesn't sound like a problem to me!

*gets out of shower* "You're gonna love my nuts!"

Could be worse you could be using napkins

griffins33 4

Me and my friends had to use paper towels after we swam in a pool. It was great :D

or a dirty tshirt...

ah shiiit! someone already mentioned dirty tshirt. shit!

rcloca 10


Then the ghost of Billy Mays jumps out and says "BILLY MAYS HERE!"

I miss that guy...

Dont see how lack of towel equals broke... They r really not very expensive. And wtf happened to ur towel? I mean they dont expire...

that actually sounds like a good idea

fattylumptard 1

How can you not afford a towel? If anything use a dirty shirt.

Kara_rated 5

8- Why would he use a dirty shirt? That's stupid. If I were to use a shirt, it would definitely be clean.

fattylumptard 1

Then you are just ruining a perfectly clean shirt

fattylumptard 1

Then you are just ruining a perfectly clean shirt

That would definitely defeat the purpose of cleaning herself, she might as well not shower at all.

Kara_rated 5

If you use a dirty shirt you're ruining a perfectly good shower. And if you just got clean, its not gonna dirty up the towel.

marpay 11

Top sheet maybe? Especially a flannel one.

I think a ShamWow would dry you better than a dirty t-shirt.

Might as well vacuum the carpet and roll around naked on it...

What I wanna know is how to get a free sham-wow in the mail

fattylumptard 1

You have to beat up a prostitute

Does the prostitute mail it?

So that's why I never got mine.

fattylumptard 1

She gives you a postcard that you mail to the British dude in jail

those things do work lol. how do they do it??