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  Mpii  |  11

But it's everyones decidion what they want to do with their money and also I don't think op intentionally used their shampoo. It was probably an accident aswell.

By  tipsy2013  |  24

Your roommate deserves it for spending $60 on shampoo.

  nakros  |  17

Why is this down voted it's actually sensible

  ImmortalSyn  |  17

16- it got down voted because even if it sounds like a waste of money (like I personally wouldn't buy something like that) but it was the roommates money and they have the right to buy whatever they want. Op shouldn't have been messing with the roommates stuff to begin with.

  dyne808  |  34

Ummm... has no one in this comment section heard of allergies? My mum has to buy this ridiculously expensive deodorant cause she gets horrible, painful rashes from normal stuff and has a medical problem that causes excessive sweating so showering like twice a day or something isn't gonna help either. Y'all need to shut the fuck up with your bullshit "Her fault for spending $60 on shampoo". Not every expensive thing someone has is a senseless purchase, and sometimes it's necessary for them.

  Unenunciable  |  14

Exactly! My father has reoccuring seborrheic dermatitis on his scalp because of his super-sensitive skin and needs to use an expensive shampoo for like 40$ or something. A friend of mine has chronic extreme dandruff and red patches on her scalp because of her allergies, and the only thing that helps is a shampoo for 80$, so y'all should reconsider your healthy scalp privilege. Not everyone gets to go through life using 2$ shampoo and staying healthy, they have to live with consequences we never have to deal with.

  pixierara  |  28

Well sometimes people can have something wrong where they need special shampoo, my sister for example has psoriasis and needs a certain type so that her head doesn't get bad.

  freya1998  |  23

commenters - although good point about the medical shampoo, why would OP use a special shampoo for an illness/allery she most likely doesnt have? that doesnt make any sense.

  Estrangement  |  25

So much fucking hostility in these comments. I spent about $35 on my shampoo and $35 on my conditioner. (Headbanging is just so much better with softer and better feeling hair). Now, I would be pissed if someone I told specifically not to used my shampoo. However, a broken cap is nothing to get upset about. Shit, even the caps on my shampoo have broken. As for spending that much money on shampoo? Why not? Great hair is something great to have. (There is absolutely no way I can put that and NOT have it sound gay ot feminine. No I am not gay or feminine.) People really need to stop making assumptions. We only have one life, and its quite ephemeral. It really isn't worth it to waste time being upset about a cap being broken.


Fuck it its just shampoo maybe your roommate should keep their shit in their room. And you shouldn't be touching other people's shit aha.

By  ThePandoricaOpen  |  18

Why are most of you assuming OP touched it on purpose? They could have just as easily bumped it.

And OP, I'm sure your roommate just doesn't want you using any of it, as getting pissed at someone for breaking the cap is just ridiculous.

  TabooSushi  |  24

Not necessarily. I've broken many a shampoo/body wash cap merely by bumping into it and having it fall to the shower floor at just the right angle to shatter the flip cap part.

  Setareh23  |  34

I think most people are assuming OP touched it on purpose because of the way they worded the FML. It doesn't make much sense for OP to specify that they promised not to touch/use the shampoo, unless they went and did just that. Otherwise the only problem would be the price, because OP could easily explain to their roommate that they merely knocked it over by accident. That being said, while I agree with people that it's likely OP was touching it, it is still just speculation so we never know.