By THATguy - United States
Today, I was at work when two sheriff's deputies walked in. They asked me my name and when I told them, they asked me to turn around and they cuffed me. They told me I was under arrest for robbery. Turns out I was mistakenly IDed, but now every one at my job thinks I'm an armed robber. FML
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By  Xathanos  |  16

Ha ha lolz it's kind of funny but the good thing is that no real harm was done but look on the bright side people would be less likely to piss you off due to fear of getting shot =D FYL dude

By  plexico  |  3

No, if you were released right away, everyone knows in the rational part of their brains that you are not an armed robber.

However, all the women at your job have this sense that you are a "bad boy" and that makes you hot. Start nailing them before they realize that you are just a boring nerd.

  plexico  |  3

Oh, yeah,

When you two get down to my place, we'll all get in my bed, and to make you hot, I'm gonna rip the tag right off of my mattress!

That's a federal crime, making me REAL bad. Bow, chicka, wow-wow. . .

Veni, vidi, veni.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

OHMYGOD!!! plexi, you're killing me!
Will you even...jay walk? O_O

I didn't understand the last part, which makes it automatically translate to something dirty in my mind.

  plexico  |  3

Maybe you'd better lay down for this part, because it's dirty, it's Latin and it's pedantic.

The original quote from Julius Caesar describing an easy military victory is: Veni, vidi, vici. (I came, I saw, I conquered.) My version is "I came, I saw, I came."

Now do what comes to mind.

  plexico  |  3

Oooh, mercy, the mean leather-clad librarian, I don't have any money to pay my fine, how can I make it up to you?

And I'm gonna talk in my normal voice, how are you going to "shush" me?

  Intoxicunt  |  5

I've been lying down all day, so that's no problem.
It was useful when I fainted from the explanation.
You win at Life, although I'm more of a Risk girl myself.

However, you "came" too quickly.
I'm not even there yet!
Focus on building the plexi-plex.

By  ireply_w_lyrics  |  0

"...The world could use a cowboy right about now
Run those bad guys right out of town
Round 'em up and hunt 'em down
The world could use a cowboy right about now
The world could use a cowboy......"

That's right. now GTFO