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  oj101  |  33

YOLO isn't useful for anything, except for when you're explaining to someone that swimming with alligators isn't the greatest idea, or making the cardinal sin of misplacing your for you're on YouTube or commenting "that's a shitty situation" when a turd-related FML is published.

  revan546  |  24

Cats actually do have periods, they just go through the estrous cycle not the menstrual cycle, so the endometrium of the uterus isn't shed it's re-absorbed, hence no blood.

  Sputnikspak  |  13

Which is a pretty good reason to fix a cat, I've seen (and heard) a cat in heat while working at an animal rescue. They sound miserable. And the world has MORE than enough homeless cats.

Dogs get it too, if they aren't fixed, and larger dogs especially tend to bleed enough that you have to put something on them while they're in the house (a Great Dane breeder I know uses generic 'Depends' diapers with holes cut in them for the tail - poor things look ridiculous. But she breeds her dogs *properly*, after three litters they're done, and if they're also done on the show circuit, then she fixes them. And all non-show quality dogs - generally the ones she sells as pets - are fixed, it's in her contract when you buy one of her dogs and she WILL follow up - legally she can take the dog back if you don't comply. Which definitely helps weed out backyard breeders and puppy mill people).

By  shaniahthecurlyl  |  6

I think this is more her FML.. 'Today, I got really drunk and started shouting at a cat for not having periods. The worst part is that the cat was in a pet store. Of which one of the employees was my boyfriend. He saw the whole thing. FML' :)

  Xquisite1  |  28

Where does it say that he took her to work with him? It's very possible that she went to his job on her own accord. And why should he call out sick and miss time
from work because his girlfriend got wasted?

  Xquisite1  |  28

Exactly! It doesn't say that, however you assumed that OP voluntarily took her to work with him and you called an idiot for supposedly doing so. And if she is old enough to drink then she should be old enough to deal with the repercussions. No one should have to miss work for that.

  eggmarie  |  25

27: it's not like she's sick with the flu. SHE made the decision to get drunk off her ass so why should HE have I take care of her? I would never ask my boyfriend to miss work because I made a bad decision.

  SirCharles83  |  13

If one of my employees called out sick for that reason, they would be looking for a new job as well.

Work should certainly be a priority over a wasted girlfriend and almost everything else.

  80skid  |  15

27, if OP's girlfriend VOLUNTARILY gets drunk and goes to his job, makes a fool of herself and threatens his employment, he doesn't have to cater to her. She chose to get drunk.

  poccocurantes  |  7

Dump her! *shots fired*. Maybe showing up drunk at your work particularly if it is in the middle of the day signals a drinking problem or worse dumbbitchitis which I think is incurable.