By Anonymous - United States - Houston
Today, I'm recovering from a brain injury that occurred a few months ago. The newest challenge I'm facing is thinking the floor is moving any time there is a change in colour or texture. My house has patterned tile floors and carpet. FML
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  syki  |  22

Alternatively, depending on how large OP's house is and how long they expect this symptom to last, they could pick up some cheap, solid-color area rugs (or even throw blankets) to cover up the carpet and tile.

  lux0rd  |  18

With all due respect I suggested one of those rolls of paper as you would usually be looking at around $10-$20 for a roll big enough to cover the floors of a small to medium sized house. I can't imagine that op has much money to spare based on what I've heard about medical bills in the states and rugs can quite quickly add up to probably more than or around the same cost as recarpeting the place would with the number they would likely need and as it is only needed temporarily I doubt most people would want to be spending that much on carpet rugs of blankets.

  KaidensCrow  |  18

yea... medical bills here are outrageous. and ambulance ride to the er with no emergency treatment enroute can cost you $500... i know that from personal experience

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

This type of thing/vertigo is one of my biggest fears. I get motion sickness so easily. I've also had those kinds of headaches where everything is dizzy and makes you so nauseas and I just can't imagine living for a long period of time like that! I hope you get better soon op and I hope you're taking a good anti-emetic!

By  amelitaliz  |  22

Could you maybe try some tinted glasses? That way the change in colors you see wouldn't be so drastic, hopefully.

I hope you get better soon. I'm glad you survived the injury to take this woozy journey. It'll get better.

  fsr1967  |  9

I am very sensitive to sharp, bright lights and flashing lights - they can give me migraine headaches. I can verify that sunglasses (i.e. darkly tinted glasses) can help me deal with the lights when I can't avoid them. It's not 100% perfect, but it helps.

I know they aren't identical situations, but they're both visual input interacting with neurological conditions, so maybe they're similar enough that it'll help the OP too?