By The captain - 21/08/2011 23:09 - Canada

Today, I found out what it's like to get brain-freeze while recovering from a head injury. FML
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Damn Slurpees.

iAmScrubs 19

It's just like inception, but it's not. Fascinating.


Damn Slurpees.

OP was drinking a Slurpee with his genitals?

MrBoredGuy 1

Damn herpes What? I like things that rhyme

enonymous 8

I love drinking with my genitals nothing says party like a slurpee in a catheter

StopDropNRoll 11

I'm confused. If you drink with your genitals will you get a brain freeze with your other head( more like just head freeze but you get the question)?

33- It's got a mind of it's own, I tell you

XxHoPPoxX 8

i actually work at my local 7 eleven.....slurpess on da house!!!!

In your case OP, it caused your FML to get published!

35 is right. And the sad thing is, we can only work one 'mind' at a time... :P

eminemchick 19

we have finally cum to the generation where even our heads are mistaken to be the dick part. why must everything now be sexual in-you-endo?

thesunsetglow_fml 8

44- well us women have figured out that much. -__-

Just thinking about that hurts O_o

there so good but so deadly

very brilliant commet

Well, what are you waiting for? What does it feel like

iAmScrubs 19

It's just like inception, but it's not. Fascinating.

heartbrakej 0

Best movie ever!

37 - not quite...

I'm pretty sure the best movie ever is Battlefield Earth.

violetdabomb 0

Oh god :| Brain freezes are already excruciating for a normal person

No seriosly I hope your alright

Actually it felt like an ******. -___-

skyttlz 32

Jee I wonder.

An ****** in reverse...

iAintEvenMad 0

6- That's what she said.

DottieGothicGirl 3

Brain freezes suck monkey balls

This makes me want to discover what that feels like

I giv ur comments thumbs up mostly for your pic lol

oops_im_fucked 8

I'm guessing you wouldn't though. That's the thing.

milou_fml 6

did they cancel out?

Op Your situation is like first time sex. First you are exited, then it starts to hurt, then you end with unsatisfiying Results (someone help me spell unsatisfiying right, NO GRAMMAR NAZIS)

Whoops forgot about the head injury part sorry op .______.

iAmScrubs 19

Grammar Nazi iAmScrubs reporting for duty. I found two spelling mistakes. Exited should be excited and unsatisfiying should be unsatisfying. Now, I must return to my march. Hup two three four.

Wtf we're both are #17? also glad I made you horny

Grammer nazi meet a couple rounds from my M1911 courtesy from an american. Good day sir or good night from where i'm from

49 i see what you did there Ha-Ha !!!!!!!!!! grammer nazi or grammer naxi ??? hmmm i m confused 23 meet my tsar bomb that i burrowed from old KGB agent (nuclear bomb that can cause deadly fallout on whole europe if explode in center of london)

@49 your logic confuse me. Dont assume, im not excluding america from the third reich of the grammar nazi. Read my comments. @51 yes, thats nice but feel the power of americas arsenal of nukes, bitch