By LearnToLive
Today, I'm on a trip to Poland with some friends. We came to experience the country's culture, and to challenge our preconceptions about this part of Europe. We had sat on a bench, and not ten seconds later, a stranger approached and asked, "How much for your friend?" FML
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  Addyy_  |  5

33 - Who said anything about OP's friend almost being sold? It's not like OP named a price and the stranger left because it was too expensive.

By  br0ccoli  |  14

Persuade with some perogies an he'll be on his way. Men are either hungry or horny. If his mouth is busy, the blood will rush to his stomach, taking blood away from his little head.

  br0ccoli  |  14

Yummy! I want to find a Polish bf with nice, recipe-sharing relatives so I can learn how to make them for myself.

These boxed perogies from the supermarket are too mainstream. Delicious, but mainstream.


28- I had to teach my polish bf how to make Perogis so good luck with that. :p

Seriously, buy a Perogi press. It comes with recipes. Follow recipes and bam, you have Perogis. Time consuming, but so much better then store bought.