By LearnToLive - 15/05/2012 15:59

Today, I'm on a trip to Poland with some friends. We came to experience the country's culture, and to challenge our preconceptions about this part of Europe. We had sat on a bench, and not ten seconds later, a stranger approached and asked, "How much for your friend?" FML
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Quite a different culture, good and bad. Still, sorry about that.

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That money will come in handy if there's an emergency and you need extra cash.. Think about it, anything could happen in a estrange country

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3 - And then he gets really happy because his mom gives it away for free.

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So much win in this response.

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**** your friends life not yours, they are the one that almost got sold.

How did you come up with the conclusion that their mom is dead?

33 - Who said anything about OP's friend almost being sold? It's not like OP named a price and the stranger left because it was too expensive.

Hahahahahahhaha....... Gud 1 mate or, she costs more Dan u mum.

Well, did you sell her? You could've stayed at a better hotel with some extra cash.

But it would be a lonely hotel room without your friend.

How much money did you get when you sold her? Creepy though, reminds me of Hostel.

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Who cares as long as your not being sold, to a headhunter

Don't mention that movie. It ruined my childhood. 3':

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34 - I didn't get it till you said something. I then took my time and said it slowly, followed by equally slow clapping.

Could someone explain? I tries slowly clapping while saying it. Didn't work for me

51- Saying Pikachu slowly sounds like peek at you.

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52- actually, it sounds more like 'peek at you' if you say it fast.

But, I mean, if an actual pikachu was involved, that would be a pretty tempting offer.

86 - Indeed. In fact, the only possibly better offer would be a pikachu and bacon. Lots of bacon. But that's just me.

So French men don't ask the question and what do you sell her for there?

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No, a frenchman wouldn't have to ask for a price. He'd use his natural skills of wooing and charm your friend into coming with him.

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So you're assumed a pimp and your friend a *****. She definitely drew the short stick on that deal. FHL

Zombies Vs. Vikings, I like it. Though it can only lead to Zombie Vikings. The world is doomed.

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This guy? ^ negative, but apparently we're set to battle :)

Say that they're not for sale.. Only for rent.

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Pretty to look at, nice to hold. But if you break it, consider it sold!

Persuade with some perogies an he'll be on his way. Men are either hungry or horny. If his mouth is busy, the blood will rush to his stomach, taking blood away from his little head.

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I had Pierogies today filled with mashed potatoes and cheddar. So good.

Yummy! I want to find a Polish bf with nice, recipe-sharing relatives so I can learn how to make them for myself. These boxed perogies from the supermarket are too mainstream. Delicious, but mainstream.

I had to Google perogie, had no idea what it was,then saw pic, tis a pasty!

It's not so much a pastry as it is a pasta-like outside with a cheesy potato filling.

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They are surprisingly easy to make, just time consuming. We make them every Christmas.

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instead of that,try finding a good recipe online. a lot less effort.

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28- I had to teach my polish bf how to make Perogis so good luck with that. :p Seriously, buy a Perogi press. It comes with recipes. Follow recipes and bam, you have Perogis. Time consuming, but so much better then store bought.

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How do you guys manage to misspell Pierogies after I've spelled it right? Nah, I'm teasing. I don't know of there's another way of spelling it.

Good idea guys. I'll just get a press and a recipe. Kidnyc, I have no idea how it's really spelled. I just know it's delicious.

Pierogi. Not perogi or perogies. Pierogi is already plural.