By Anonymous - 01/02/2014 22:26 - United States - Hialeah

Today, my team suffered a humiliating loss against our biggest rivals. My family was pretty supportive, though, but only because they'd taken bets against me from the start. FML
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They can treat you to dinner then...

Grauncho 27

At least you didn't let your family down.


They can treat you to dinner then...

OP better pick something very expensive.

and to dessert too!!

What a loving family.

Hey, at least they believed in OP. The believed in his and his teams ability to lose so adamantly that they were willing to put actual money on it. Makin' lemonade, man.

Hey now, just because they're being realistic doesn't mean they don't love the OP. They might even love him a little extra because he can so predictably lose.

At least there are some winners in the family.

What are families for..? Good luck next time!!!

Not for betting against their child.

These are tough times any source of incomes a good one. :)

Now, I'm not condoning throwing games, but they're May be something here. Hedge the beta next time and take your cut!

"Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" - good luck for next time OP!

Grauncho 27

At least you didn't let your family down.

what confidence. to bad you couldn't win.

Maybe practice harder and surprise them next time.

Yeah, only because they won money.... What a bunch of jackasses.

At least they had some sort of faith in you. Just not the kind you would have liked.