By badtimingdude - 18/08/2009 16:34 - Mauritius

Today, I lost a bet with my girlfriend. I now have to wear a shirt saying "Worlds Smallest Penis" everywhere I go for a month. FML
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Shouldn't Have Took The Bet Unless u were 90% positive u were going to win which u didnt. Look on the bright side this shirt will get you tons of ass.

Omg lmfaooo. Get owned


Omg lmfaooo. Get owned

what was the bet?

it was probably a bet to see if he could get his girlfriend to orgasm

on a similar note to #31, at least apparently she doesn't have that much of a problem with his penis size...

i like pickles.. do u?

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YDI: for puting on make up and being a big fat ugly faggot who likes the taste of cum going down his throat!!!

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Kiss, please go kill yourself

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seriously? that is completely inappropriate and uncalled for.

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God dammit you both just fed the troll...

Yeaah this did not happen

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KISS WTF IS WRONG WITH U!?! STFU, I JUST LOOKED AT UR PROFILE PIC, U HAVE A MUSTACHE!!!! and yea this is a freaking hillarious FML

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Please observe the sign, people: ______________________ |Do Not Feed the Trolls!| ----------------------

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It's neither FYL or YDI if it's true. And KiSsKiZzy, why do you have a moustache?

he probably bet that he didn't have the world's smallest penis.

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lucky there's the invetion of jackets…

YDI for loising to a women!! Never show weakness or your done ;)

stay inside all day and play roblox

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and he git that shirt where....?

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This isn't an FML. You lost a bet. Suck it up.

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Yeah, definitely not an FML or a YDI, it just happened.

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The FML is the outcome of losing the bet: wearing the world's smallest penis for a month in public. That's the FML, not the fact that he lost the bet. Anyway, hahahhaha OP. I think you're gonna have quite a reputation around town.

also lost his dignity

Shouldn't Have Took The Bet Unless u were 90% positive u were going to win which u didnt. Look on the bright side this shirt will get you tons of ass.

uh small penis =/= lots of ass...

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Ass-hole comments from random strangers...

Mr_Guy_Dude 17

Don't be so mean to vitamin C, he keeps you healthy

i saw one once that said "i'm big in Japan". i don't know if it was trying to say what it sounded like though.

A lot of unimportant bands in the US are popular in Japan. That's what it meant.

Actually, I think they chose that phrase because it's a double entendre


Cally- Asians are sterotyped in the world to have small dicks. Therefore when they say "I'm Big in Japan" when you look at an asian's man wiener(lol) its small(the stereotype) so your saying Im big cuz the asians are small get it? and what you said is correct though alot of shit bands in USA are very popular in japan.

It's actually a triple entendre. One for the bands, two for the penis size, and three for height.

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owned you betted on it so suffer the consequences, make sure to wash it everyday, YDI

How many of these shirts have you got? Or don't you change clothes?

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Lol this is what I was thinking

Girlfriend win.

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The general rule of thumb is not to bet anything you're not willing to lose.

I want to know what the girlfriend's bet was.