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  ItsAshxD  |  0

I was being sarcastic.
It's not the end of the world.
I have my step dad listed as "Rawr T-Rex," because he's always angry.
He didn't get mad.

  TheTruth1428  |  0

I agree with 26. There's a very good reason you're labeled as "The Bitch" chances are, OP is a huge one.

Way to snoop through someone's things then bitch when you find something you don't like. Typical bitch behavior.

  EffYoLife  |  14

U deserved it. stop being a bitch! problem solved

#2 get a life...there are thousands of FMLs on here. u shouldnt have time to read so many that you recognize multiples lol

  MagicMeds  |  0

He has like 1500 visits, so to read all of them he would have to read... 4 per visit? Actually it seems like he's just been on here for a long time since they come out in groups of about 4.

Btw I agree we get about 3 of these a week, way too often.

  Panther_fml  |  0

It doesn't take long to read all of the FML's... They come out in multiples, and I am on this site at least 5 times a day. As #23 said, it isn't hard to notice multiples.... Plus I moderate a lot of FMLs..... What I am trying to say is that it is just getting very boring....

By  delfinofrank  |  0

Be like that lady from "the grudge" who killed people. now she was a bitch.

And what do expect from japanese people? They all have problems. no wonder they commit suicide so much.

By  zaknuttall  |  0

you completely deserve this for looking through his phone. you had no right to go through his private contacts, and you wouldn't know if you hadn't been snooping around. bitch

  Kukua  |  5

Um, whether she looked through his phone or not, her husband refers to her as "The Bitch". Looking through his phone didn't cause that to happen.

I'd rather KNOW my husband was calling me a bitch behind my back then not know, so I could leave his loser ass.


yeah but you cant b/c your not married.....b/c your a bitch too, so you'll never go through this type of ordeal. if your looking for something you dont want to find, dont be upset when you find it. idiot


wow dude really? So I cant jokeingly pick up my girlfreinds phone and look at the contacts? And this would be my girlfreind not my wife. Your spouse can look thru the phone, if you have nothing to hide then who gives a shit? If you do, then you shouldnt be married. and your the bitch