By agony - 17/12/2011 03:29 - United States

Today, I'll be sleeping in my car for umpteenth time this year, because my psychotic wife is again convinced that I'm sleeping with practically every woman in my state. I'm too broke to pay for a divorce, and too embarrassed to go to a friend's house. FML
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Feedmyaddiction5 14

That sucks! You should just go crazy and accuse her of sleeping with every guy in the state

every1luvsboners 11

So just drive around masturbating furiously until you get arrested. At least then you'll get 3 meals and a man to snuggle with.


Feedmyaddiction5 14

That sucks! You should just go crazy and accuse her of sleeping with every guy in the state

That probably won't turn out very well...

no he shouldn't. he just needs to keep his pimp hand strong

I don't understand why it's always the guy on the couch/Outside. I'm not married yet, but if I get into a fight with my future wife IM TAKING THE BED.

my life is bro is way chiller than this site

I HATE the repetetive "You should do the same thing back" replies. God, get some new ideas people!

uridea 14

instead he should sleep with every girl in the state then at least she's accurate ah ha!

36 - good luck with that mate. I can guarantee that you will need it

36 yea I tried that. She ended up taking a hotel room.

chocomilkshake 5

(36)- I'm not really sure how that happens, when I'm mad at someone I usually leave...or stay and fume silently...I wonder how it feels to be kicked out...-.-

xStaciexLynnx 15

36- It's because us women are too damn stubborn to leave our house and our bed and men are too damn stubborn to stay with them so they leave.

hawaiianfire 0

Well it sounds like she's feeling guilty about something. Rather than feel bad about sleeping in the car, you should do a little investigating. You'd be surprised how many times the accuser winds up being the actual cheater.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

Since you can't pay for divorce, why not try marriage counseling?

#8 damn you cracked me up!! HAHAHAHAAA Poor OP, I do feel sorry for him. Every now and then I get cranky at my man, but nothing like that. :(

Yeah. Alright. #36. She certainly isn't going to let you take the bed!

whisperingeye13 0

62. It say's the location on top of the FML. How is that stalking?

67 - Say's is not a word, last time I checked. Try says next time. -_-

131 Something about that comment made me pick up an idiotic and annoying vibe from you.

monkeysareyummy 0

Hope the car isn't a smart car.. Good luck sleeping in that. Wouldn't be smart.

Was that suppose to be funny and witty? If wasn't.

... Good for him to know. Considering the fact that he already made the comment and was only trying to make people laugh, I don't think it's respectful to make fun of him.

builditbetter09 3

38 excuse me Jesus but you'r on the wrong site if you'r looking for "respectful"

builditbetter09 3

Are you too stupid to answer that question yourself?

monkeysareyummy 0

Oh how I love judgmental people. One of the reasons I put that comment was because I'm 6'7" and sure as hell wouldn't fit.

38 - whatever, your profile drives me absolutely batshit insane. head might explode.

hawaiianfire 0

Yeah 38 we, the FML community, need to stick together to stop the oppression of our fellow bloggers. Get the torches, it's a witch hunt!

hawaiianfire 0

Btw 38, get your gay bashing ass off of FML, you don't belong here.

She isn't a gay hater, judging by what she wrote in her profile. She is, however, alarmingly odd. She used the space on her profile to write her, seemingly indifferent views on gay marriage. If she is neither 'pro-gay', nor a 'gay hater', then why bother writing anything on the matter?

I think you'll find that the truth is she really does have issues with people being treated equally in regards to marriage equality, but she is too afraid of, quite rightly, being called a bigot. Anyone who is 'on the fence' regarding equality for all people is basically saying 'There are some people who deserve things such as marriage and there are others who, whilst might be law abiding people who contribute positively in society, should continue to be treated as second class citizens'.

98, FML can affect people in different ways. A few examples: Some turn funnier, some loses their ability to recognise jokes, some gets a rare disease causing constant PMS'ing and an urgent need to arrogantly bitch out other people. It's sad, but true. Your comment was funny :b

And you got married why? That cant have just happened overnight... she must be pretty hot to overlook psychosis...

all4pooh 4

I'm pretty sure she didn't act this way when op married her, or he wouldn't be talking about divorce now...

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Often, characteristics of the sort show themselves much later, not timewise, but relative to the maturity and development of the relationship. You could have been with someone for 10 years and not have progressed enough to unearth some of the nastier sides of your significant other. Some people don't realize this and get married anyway. Others do realize this but believe their love can survive anything. Even still, feelings of the sort can develop over time for various reasons, in people without predisposition to them. Unfortunately marriage doesn't always work out, but blaming OP for not knowing this would happen when he married his wife is kind of stupid.

miker1000 0

See these 56? These are the amounts of ***** no one gives. Kthnxbaii

56, the tattoo on your hip looks like a nipple...

Looking at 63, it seems that some of the commenters on FML have reached a whole new level of stupidity.

chocomilkshake 5

56 not sure why I can't give you a thumbs up, but thumbs up man

check 63's profile- homeslice is a wise 16 years old

ShroomsOnAcid 16

63, the only thing I see is your stupidity showing. Show some modesty instead and at least try to cover it up.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

The couch is to close to the kitchen, which is to close to the knives and those would be his death. You can lock a car. Letting a psycho come here when your vulnerable on a couch sleeping is not wise.

Oh how true that statement is. I cringe just thinking about when I was in a similar situation. OP -- I pray you find a way out.

All I'm wondering... did you do anything to lose her trust?

I was gonna say move out without divorcing her but I guess if you're broke....

Well, OP, just save up the money and find somewhere other than your car or the street to stay. FYL, indeed!

every1luvsboners 11

So just drive around masturbating furiously until you get arrested. At least then you'll get 3 meals and a man to snuggle with.

miker1000 0

It's seems legit, dumbass. Look at Demotivationals or something and not be an idiot and do us all a favor. Love you too now.

Is "it" possessing" seems", or is it "it is seems"?