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Today, my sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mother then confided in me that she suspected it was a prank to get more money from our family. FML
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Man you mother sounds like a cold hearted bitch.


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Riseagain16 7

sorry my keypad messed up :-(

Good work.

#1 Best comment ever!

1- me too.

How in the **** does this have six thumbs up? Lol.

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Better than the usual shit people post..

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6-lol it's getting thumbed up anyways:P

This post gave me cancer

11 - Those comments are getting old.

Not the time, 34.

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That's the sound I'd make if I were OP. "fjbdbdbdb really, mom?"

that's horrible!

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seems like my mess up was liked was better than someone spamming FIRSSSST

That's an interesting point, 1, but have you considered fjndgkjcjkfssbcaitsc?

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This is the funniest post ever lol

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I'm curious as to what you were really trying to say #1 !

-34, not even remotely funny. Don't try to make jokes about something so serious.

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i have silenced the FiRST! I belive i.have saved you all and that post may have just incidentaly ended the first trolls

Thumbed down!!

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Your comment confused me because I saw the likes then I read all the comments on your comment and for some reason can't stop laughing. Then again I did just take some cold medicine

96- so is your comment

Pay for all the treatments anyway. Cancer is horrible.

this one kid at my school told everyone that his mom died of cancer, and the week after, she was at school to pick him up. :/

wow people these days *facepalm*

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It's crazy how people joke about it. My dad died of lung cancer last year and my husband is in remission from lymphoma. The people who lie about cancer are ass hole jerks!

This is the second time in a couple of weeks that a prank has been associated with cancer on FML. I was just diagnosed with cancer and all I've asked for is emotional support. I can't be treated until my baby is born, due to my chronic illness that makes me too weak. I'm only 11 weeks into my pregnancy and I have to hope that the cancer won't spread more than it already has. Shame on anyone for using cancer as a prank!

I concur, 87. I've lost a lot of family members to cancer and it isn't something to be joked about. I'm sorry for your loss and I hope your husband pulls thru.

53 - maybe he got adopted after his mother died

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Man you mother sounds like a cold hearted bitch.

BYeah that's possible - I would say it depends on the daughter though. I once knew someone who told her family that she had a new boyfriend who was "deployed" to Afghanistan so they never met him... Then, a few months later she called asking for money because he was KIA and she had to pay her bills - turns out the guy never existed and it was a ploy for money/attention from family and friends. Some people will say anything, especially if drugs are involved. I'd say the right thing to do is pay for he treatment or bills DIRECTLY if you're really suspicious, just dont fork over cash

The mother could also be rather unintelligent. Who knows

Your moms a paranoid bitch

Your mom is a complete dumbass. Who the **** would fake having cancer? Also, wouldn't your sister have paperwork and proof of her cancer?

While is immorally wrong to fake such a thing it does happen. A few years ago a lady in the uk faked that her daughter had cancer, shaved the poor kids head and everything. She made so much money out of it. Eventually she got caught because her doctor seen her on the tv and said no that little girl does not or never has had cancer. People like that are the scum of the earth.

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Plenty of people have faked cancer to get money....

There was also a woman in the UK that faked cancer to get a free wedding. She didn't even tell her husband. He blew the whistle on her when she came clean after the wedding. Horrifying as it is, there seems to be a few people out there that have no issues with lying about such a dreadful disease for personal gain. That's not to say OP's sister-in-law is one of those, though.

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35- Obviously the husband did not pay attention to the amount of money that wasn't being spent. He should have known something was wrong. Unless she spent the money on other things, in which he should have noticed new things and the wedding being paid for.

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BellaBelle_fml 23

wannabemom; I understood it as the woman claimed she had cancer and wouldn't be able to pay for her wedding due to the cost of treatments. So people felt sympathy for her and donated money to fund her wedding. They probably thought they were helping a very sick or dying woman have the wedding of her dreams while she was still healthy enough to enjoy it. She preyed upon people's tender hearts for her own selfish gain.

You hit the nail on the head BellaBelle. She pretended she was dying and got the wedding of her dreams donated. I think the really awful part is that her husband believed that she was dying.

I think that she also used it as a ploy to get the guy to marry her. They had broken up before and got back together after she told him she had cancer. To me that's even sicker than pretending to have cancer.

Wasn't there a woman in America that posted a blog about how she had cancer and couldn't pay for her treatments, in order to get breast implants? Maybe that was a movie..

Your mom is a sucks that the poor girl with cancer has to deal with a dumbass.

That's so terrible, nobody in their right mind would pretend to have cancer. I hope all goes well though.

Only the ones that aren't in their right mind though. Hence her comment.

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so what incidents led up to this? cause unless it was something horrible she is crazy

evil mother horrible for you and your sister in-law

Yes because people chose to get cancer, risk their life so they can get more money. Sorry for your sisters bad news hopefully she will survive.

My bad for the typo choose*