By Anonymous - 8/9/2020 05:05

Life decisions

Today, I decided to break up with my girlfriend after I got home and realised I was happier sat in my car on the street than I would be if I went inside and had to put up with her whining and her 2 spoiled daughters for even one more day. So now I’m happy, but also homeless. FML
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

It's better to live out of your car than to be stressed out so badly you snap, and do something you regret. Although you might want to see if you can find a new place soon. I can't imagine you'll want to be living in your car over winter.

By  DarkAngelsBlade  |  25

Good for you man. Not every relationship works and while you could have thought it out a bit more and planned so as not to be homeless, you did what you thought was best for you and it doesn’t sound like you’re leaving them high and dry.