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  PaulB123  |  11

My advice;
A) your husband needs to read 'how to be a man for dummies'.
B) you need to read 'how to teach someone for dumies'.
I mean, generally, aren't guys supposed to be the crummy communicators?


Just because he's a man, doesn't mean he should automatically know everything there is to know about cars. We all have our weaknesses and we shouldn't judge others for theirs.

  NokeyPlc  |  1

When did it become appropriate for people to be sexist towards men? Would you all find it equally as funny if a woman couldn't use the cables?

  Shrike  |  22

WTF is wrong with you people? It's an FML about having to write out detailed instructions because the boyfriend can't do something most men AND women can do or easily figure out. If you're thinking there's sexism here, then the sexism is coming from you, not the OP.

  humorizer  |  14

The FML is obviously written to imply sexism.

Face it, certain stuff are considered FMLs due to hating on a certain group. Observe:

"Today I explained to my husband how to use a guitar. He requested written instructions." - no type of discrimination here, not an FML.

"Today I explained to my husband where the start button is and how to shut down the computer. He requested written instructions." - an FML against technologically inept people

"Today I opened a jar for my husband because he couldn't open it." - FML making fun of him for being a man.

The jumper cable thing is hating on him for being a man who doesn't understand jumper cables very well.

  olpally  |  32

You're wrong #25. That's the correct spelling of "panicking" what an epic fail by a grammar nazi. Lol gtfo out of here.. Op, good luck with him.

  DrMime  |  10

He totally lost his mancard! And when you lose that it's a b*tch to get back, you need to go to the DMV (department of manly virtues), file an appeal and take 'players Ed' classes!

Mine was suspended when I made my girlfriend a sandwich.

  cradle6  |  13

Go for deferred adjustication, and as long as you don't make any infractions within the next 3 months, your lack of manliness won't be reported to the Manliness Investigation Committee

By  DrMime  |  10

Written instructions? I prefer Braille myself. As for the jumper cables, you want to attach the red one to your left nipple and the other one respectively, this should maximize his arousal time.

By  GotBrains  |  0

I remember when I drove my little sister to her drivers exam and forgot the lights on. She failed after 45 min and we couldn't go home. I had no idea how to jump start my car so we asked her teacher to help us. I totally feel with ur husband OP.