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Today, after paying for my groceries, I noticed that a bread-roll hadn't been charged. I felt guilty and went back to the register to pay for it. The cashier burst into derisive laughter and mockingly asked me if I was "running for Pope or something". FML
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OP here. A few comments: the cashier was a guy, not a girl. I don't know why most of you think that. Also, there were two elderly people waiting in line who were laughing and berating me as some of the commenters here are doing. And I'm a woman from Belgium, not the Netherlands (but FML didn't ask for my country when I posted it). I WAS already out of the store and going home when I noticed it, so I needed to go back into the store, wait for a slow customer to pay while the rest of the cue was wondering why I was standing there like a complete idiot, and then explain to the cashier why I wanted to pay for the bread. By the way, the freshly baked, honestly-payed-for, Italian bun was delicious, after I had cleansed my palate from the disgusting comments I received.

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Whilst I admit that I wouldn't have gone back myself if it was just a bread roll from a chain store, I don't understand why you're getting shit for doing so. It's pretty depressing that people actually mock you for trying to be nice. Ignore them; you did a good thing.

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Don't be sad! At least you tried to do the right thing. Good for you!


VentiAnemoi 20

Don't be sad! At least you tried to do the right thing. Good for you!

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Where have all the values gone...? Anyone?

My dad always told me you can learn a lot working around other people. Sometimes you learn what to do, and in cases like this you learn what not to do!

You did the right thing. Stealing is stealing even if it is only a bread roll. You're an honest person and you should be proud of yourself.

50 it's not stealing if it's by mistake... and the cashier's mistake, no less.

Actually, yes it is. Over here you are required by law to inform them of the mistake. If you choose not to do so, it is stealing...

#98, once you realize the mistake, if you don't correct it then yes, it's stealing. What if it had been something expensive? What if a shopper's child were holding an item and it thus didn't get rung up, or if a shopper forgot to take something out of the bottom of the cart? It's not, "Hey, sweet, free stuff!", it's, "Oops; I still owe the store for this; I'd better return it or pay for it."

It happens. when I was a kid I forgot to put a bag of kiwis up with the groceries. After we paid and walked out we noticed I still had them and we went back to pay

Wow. What a jerk. I hate immature people like that. They have no conscience.

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Come to think of it, FML is a pretty good means for monitoring the moral state of humanity. That's why I appreciate posts like these... And yes, that cajero was hella immature.

Very unprofessional also. I wonder if it's possible to report the cashier to a manager or something. They get very apologetic if you say you're going to take your custom elsewhere.

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Are you trying to attack me ? This is the second of your posts that disses me personally. So yes, **** off #39. Get you a life or something. You are MY prey.

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Try following Perdix next. He'll keep you busy.

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Take it outside, gentlemen.

Derisive laughter just bakes me. You were trying to do the right thing, but you could have saved some dough if you had just kept it.

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Agreed. That cashier butter get his act together, or the manager will kick his crusty buns to the curb. We're on a roll with these puns, aren't we?

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"Crusty buns..." I understand the pun but I just vomited oh lawd

Who cares you did the right thing that's all that really matters. I hate when people try to make you feel bad or laugh at you for doing the right thing.

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Exactly. I probably would've told the manager what the employee said, honestly. If they weren't kidding, that was just completely uncalled for.

Even if OP was running for pope, what right does that give the cashier to make such a remark? Some people are just so rude, it's unbelievable. Shouldn't the cashier be glad OP was honest?

Yes, the cashier should be happy OP was being honest, but probably doesn't give a shit about the company, only about their own pay check.

I accidentally stole a belt from WalMart but I went through self check out. No one noticed

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OP is from the Netherlands you retard. -.-

When I said we I mean 90% of the people comment

Then how does that apply to OP at all?

That still wouldn't make sense considering OP isn't from the USA and then this situation might not have happened

#6 so you say YDI for not being a selfish dick like you?

Oh king, you are digging a hole that may collapse in on you. I would stop now while you aren't completely buried.

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That's considered stealing since you full well knew about it.

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Are you ... trying to get downvoted?

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You are an idiot, and you should feel very, very bad for it. Shush now.

I so wish you could thumbs up the admins.

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Why not better spend than money on school where you can learn to type/speak properly. Please set a better example for your country and stop being such an inconsiderate twat.

So this guy admitted to being an ignorant asshole out of boredom in a text to a friend..

@this guy...I'm thinking.. I made it to the 11th grade going to 12th in a few months.. And I have a better degree of grammar than 90% of West Virginia.. Example set..

wow a post by staff that wasn't alan. this is uncommon

Yeah, it's obvious you're a twat. No need to point it out to anyone really.....

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I don't know, the new one now is pretty darn good. Bucking tradition and bringing the church to the 21st century. I'm not a religious person but I do admire the things he is trying to do.

61- You're being sarcastic, right? Haha, of course you are. Good one. :D

61- you know, the new pope is actually maintaining the church's stance on pope celibacy, same-sex marriage, and birth control. He's just as conservative as the last pope in his ideology and isn't breaking any traditions there.

i think 61 was more referring to the fact that he took the shield off the popemobile, still travels on public transport and requested his papal ring be gold plated instead of solid gold. i'm not catholic but i really like Francis :)

He washed the feet of a female, Muslim young offender and other young offenders. I think that is very symbolic because he is actually showing that prejudice like saying people from a different religion, gender or those who offend are second class citizens, is rubbish.

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#76, I do understand that not all is better. You must know that the worlds major religions will not change their tolerance on same sex marriage anytime soon if ever. Birth control may be more widely accepted in the future when 60 year old men stop trying to tell women what to do with their bodies. It is where society is now, just think 50 years ago if you were found to be fond of the same sex you would have been ran out of town and/or killed along with your entire family ostracized.

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It's so sad how kindness and good deeds are often scrutinized by society. Don't worry op. There are still some who appreciate people like you.

The position has already been filled, sorry