By layout - 05/06/2009 19:47 - United States

Today, while laying out, I kept feeling something misty, like a spray bottle. Curious as to what it was since it kept coming, I looked up, only to see the painters were peeing over the side of the house, and the heavy breeze was turning their piss into a refreshing mist for me. FML
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time to hire a new painting company.....

lmao haha golden shower


time to hire a new painting company.....

Well, Urine for a lot of trouble.

lmao haha golden shower

I'd pay for one of those.

LMAO hahaha agreed with number 4! GOLDEN SHOWER :)

Omg that suuuucks! Did you complain to the company? you shoulda complained

You found piss refreshing? O.o

...refreshing....more like disturbing

If it feels good, don't try to stop it.

Oh my for the shower..but not before cursing them out

LOL ur own free sun protection spray... URINE!!! :D