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  britt1033  |  4

I was not talking about medical professionals I was talking about ops co workers. how would you feel if that happened to you? and no where does it state that op has any medical problems or is seeing a doctor about their weight...

  cinskeep43  |  15

although... depending on the circumstances, fellow passengers on an elevator might be extremely concerned. but I doubt the issue is that bad. and op I'm sorry your coworkers are jerks

  juturnaamo  |  29

I was on an elevator with a (somewhat large) date, and a small Asian woman was staring at him. He looked at the data plate, did some counting on his fingers, and said "Don't worry, we're under the limit."

By  awkwardlysmiles  |  12

That's awful of them, why do they care about your weight so much? I say, tomorrow bring in a fresh batch of hot out of the oven donuts and don't share with any of them! Although this isn't helping with any weight issues you may or may not have, the revenge would be worth it. You can just burn off the carloies tomorrow or so...