By Anonymous - 26/6/2020 17:00


Today, my popular friend stole another girl's boyfriend. She didn't keep him very long, though. In fact, she only kept him until I finally got together with my crush. Then she decided she had to have HIM. She succeeded, too. FML
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By  Douglas E Thompson Jr  |  4

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By  Lora Wood  |  10

Men are as faithful as their opportunities.

By  lifeis4me  |  17

I don’t get how girls like her are popular, though I’m guessing she’s just popular with boys since she’s so desperate. I hope she’s your ex friend now

By  TexasKitten79  |  3

This person isn't a friend. Her self-worth is tied directly to "prooving" she can have any guy she wants. And these unloyal guys who fall for her b.s. are not worth your time anyway. Seriously, she's no one's friend. Ditch the bitch!