By semischweet - 01/09/2019 20:00 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I learned why you should never to use Sean Connery's voice when asking your girlfriend to sit on your face. FML
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For those of us pleading ignorance, could you please explain what happened?

Try hearing what OP said in Sean Connery's voice. S turns into sh when he says it :o

Why? Is it because she thinks Roger Moore is the "real" James Bond? Or maybe you should be doing Crocodile Dundee when you're going Down Under? Would a better choice be Jack Nicholson? "The tongue? You can't handle the tongue!"

I'd think that is the perfect context to request that it be "shaken, not stirred?"

bro u are everywhere and annoying asf stop commenting everywhere

I Don’t even wanna know. 🤪🤪😂😂😂😂

Step one: Make sure she knows you're doing a Sean Connery impression...

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You forgot step 1 generally impressions, comedy , puppets and magic acts are not normally apprecitated during sex. If you want to work in entertainment rule one is knowing your audience, rule 2 is also knowing the time and place. Rule 3 is if you need 1&2 explained YDI.

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was she shaken but not shtirred?