By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, my cousin came to visit from America. While out shopping, she said loudly that she was having trouble finding clothes to fit around her huge fanny, causing a lot of people to stare in our direction. I had to explain to her that "fanny" in the UK means "vagina." FML
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  tweetbaby14  |  17

no 145 we aren't fails. think about it how many of us Americans say fanny? I don't know of any that aren't ancient, or just trying to imitate the British people seen on tv.

OP she probably knew what it meant and just wanted to embarrass you. how would this be your FML though? they just stared. it's not really one for your cousin either. it's funny, get a sense of humor and laugh a little.

  mrahhhhh  |  21

#28 No they're not, we just talk different. You talk different compared to us too. It's not like people have the time to learn every damn word in another dialect of their language. If you don't believe me get your ass to America and ask for a fag when you want a cigarette. The people laughing should set you straight. Hopefully they'll throw stuff at you too.


I would recommend getting a new group of friends then. however; generally, people who hang out with each other have the same personality/trait/hobby etc. so calling everyone you know dumb...

  Elfkid21  |  19

if you used the fa (I'm sure you could "G"uess the last letter.) that's probably what did it.
(please no one report this. I wasn't being mean or anything, just helping the guy above me out.)

  Spastastic  |  6

If you had actually had 72 genuine fml moments in your life good enough to submit, I would feel very bad for you.

By the way, is there anything you'd prefer to be called other than nerds, which is what I see most people call you? It feels strange to me somehow...

  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

#175 I know, right? That would be awful. I secretly like to think that the fact that I haven't had any published (besides the one that got deleted) is just a sign that my life is pretty okay and I shouldn't worry too much.
You can call me Katie! That's my real name. :P It does seem strange to have everyone calling me either "Nerd" or "Nerds"! Haha.

By  bombtastic  |  10

damnnn. this is why you talk to them about the word difference before she went out there. but still. I would've laughed either way, cause I hardly ever hear the word fanny anymore anyways. haha.