By Anonymous - 09/09/2010 14:00 - United Kingdom

Today, my cousin came to visit from America. While out shopping, she said loudly that she was having trouble finding clothes to fit around her huge fanny, causing a lot of people to stare in our direction. I had to explain to her that "fanny" in the UK means "vagina." FML
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So I'm guessing they don't call those lil waist pouches "fanny packs" in the UK lol

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tons of uk-related fmls todaaay:)

I knew all Europeans like take it in the fanny!

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I'd 'ave to say, that's bloody brilliant!

see Americans are fail

You're American.

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LOL Well bollocks on her then... or is it dogs bollocks

Haha I always wondered why they say fanny in American shows, I always thought they were talking about vaginas until I realised it meant the rear.

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ops cousin knew but she has a huge fanny.

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I bet they were all envious of her giant ******.

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that's funny poor fanny it's never gonna be viewed the same

Hence the term "fanny fart." Queefing ftw!

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89, that goes with your pic

My sister's nickname is fanny. Hehehehe...

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TBH, OP, considering Americans, im going to have to say she knew EXACTLY what a fanny was..

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This FML made my day. I like fanny packs. Yes, I also mean ****** in packs lol.

I've never heard ONE American ever say fanny..unless they're realy old

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Damn where do I start. 1. YDI for not being American 2. That's just funny, you're life is not ****** in anyway, move along.

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28- I'd like to know how that makes American failures.

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Haha omg too funny ur cousin rocks you should have went along with it nd said me either. screw all the people stareing they needa mind there business.

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Because they have huge vaginas.

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i agree with #1 - haaahahahahahaaa!!

I'm American and I didn't even know the word fanny meant rear. I guess we are fails 

where the sun don't shine.

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no 145 we aren't fails. think about it how many of us Americans say fanny? I don't know of any that aren't ancient, or just trying to imitate the British people seen on tv. OP she probably knew what it meant and just wanted to embarrass you. how would this be your FML though? they just stared. it's not really one for your cousin either. it's funny, get a sense of humor and laugh a little.

28 stfu British anti-American. -______-

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then what about fanny packs? are they ****** packs in the UK?

hahahahaha!!!!!! oh that is so bad!!! lol.

what American uses the word "fanny" anyway??

Wiedergabe des Regenbogens, der Geschmack des Regenbogens

191 I will not :p all the Americans I know are dumb lol.

#28 No they're not, we just talk different. You talk different compared to us too. It's not like people have the time to learn every damn word in another dialect of their language. If you don't believe me get your ass to America and ask for a fag when you want a cigarette. The people laughing should set you straight. Hopefully they'll throw stuff at you too.

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231-And apparently all of the British people I know are dumb

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In the UK they're called bum bags...

in the uk we call fanny packs "bum bags" :). bum is a word we use in the uk equivalent to the american "butt" :D.

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28 she's not from there and had no idea what it meant

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I would recommend getting a new group of friends then. however; generally, people who hang out with each other have the same personality/trait/hobby etc. so calling everyone you know dumb...

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1st whats up fanny.

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it's funny because you're not first. lol

do you wanna go to jail she's twelve

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90 age ain't nothin but a number, nd NO 2 ONCE again the 2nd or 3rd person always FAILs!

hey 98 I like your location

lol that's funny!:D I knew that though cause I'm from UK xD

you look rather scary^ and what do they call a ******?

You're British ?!(;

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your cute :) @#4

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omg british?! and Op in america its pussy ;)

#4 you're British? :D

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You're British?!?! No way! I'm an american boy you're never going to meet, just like these girls.

haha ^^ I like how everyone is asking if you're British, obviously...he just said that! -___- smh.

haha ^^ @ #4 I like how everyone is asking if you're British, obviously..he just said that! -___- smh.

no you guys check his profile he's from Nevada. that's a state. as in the united states.

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It just says Town/Country is Nevada. Which would mean that he lives in Nevada now, not that he's from there. He just said he's from the UK. -___-

Why do you yanks get so excited when you find out that someone is british? It's not like we're celebrities, or do you view us like that?....

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It's just the crazy ones

ahaha. this made my day.

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has anyone heard if fanny bridge in Tahoe? hahahahahahahaha

Hahaha! That's so funny!

8 are u Asian

That's pretty funny.... I didn't know that any of our words met different things... UsvsUk

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Rubber, condom vs eraser

khaki= a type of pants or dog poo??

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Fags means cigarettes in the UK.

RedPillSucks 31

fag cigarette vs ****

RedPillSucks 31

Not quite sure how this broke the rules. Explaining what another word for cigarettes are in the UK?

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The ignorance is strong in this one... -_-' (#9)

Elfkid21 19

if you used the fa (I'm sure you could "G"uess the last letter.) that's probably what did it. (please no one report this. I wasn't being mean or anything, just helping the guy above me out.)

I haven't laughed this hard at an FML in a while, ahahaha.

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Ha ha, that made me laugh.

That's awesome. I'd be pretty embarrassed if that happened, but I'd be more amused than anything.

hehe you've tried to post 72 fmls and none were accepted :(

#152 One was, but then it was deleted. And not all of the 72 were different ones, it was mostly just different wordings of the same few...

If you had actually had 72 genuine fml moments in your life good enough to submit, I would feel very bad for you. By the way, is there anything you'd prefer to be called other than nerds, which is what I see most people call you? It feels strange to me somehow...

#175 I know, right? That would be awful. I secretly like to think that the fact that I haven't had any published (besides the one that got deleted) is just a sign that my life is pretty okay and I shouldn't worry too much. You can call me Katie! That's my real name. :P It does seem strange to have everyone calling me either "Nerd" or "Nerds"! Haha.

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you say it like being called nerds is a bad thing :)

#227 Not at all. I'm a nerd and proud of it.

damnnn. this is why you talk to them about the word difference before she went out there. but still. I would've laughed either way, cause I hardly ever hear the word fanny anymore anyways. haha.