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Today, I had a serious allergic reaction to the food I ate at a Chinese restaurant that supposedly didn't contain peanuts. According to my waitress, peanut oil "doesn't count". FML
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What a Bitch! Unless she truly didn't know. Now she is sitting at home wondering what baby oil is made of.

that sucks you shouldve complained for free food :p


No, he meant that the waitress didnt know that peanut oil contained peanuts.

she asked the waiter if her good at peanuts, and the waiter said 'no' because she was under the impression that peanut oil != peanuts

you might want to re-read again. then you might see who the so called "dumb-bitch" is.

My sympathies - my missus has the same allergy - very similar situation with a Indian Takeout.

How the hell is this the OPs fault? The waitress is a moron. She said there were no peanuts in the food, she should have known peanut oil counts and if she wasn't sure, she should have asked. To the OP, that sucks. I'm alergic to peanuts, I compeletly understand. I'm sorry the waitress was a moron. You should sue. Please do. I know people who would have died if that happened to them. Ignore the morons who say you deserved it, they clearly don't understand what it's like to have medical conditions like food alergies.

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Kind of like when I ordered "Buddhist delight" which had meat(poorly named menu items ftl).

You idiot. It says the waitress didn't get the fact that PEANUT oil contained PEANUTS. Dimwit.

Peanut oil doesn't contain the stuff that makes you have reactions, it's only the protein part.

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Umm what the hell? Yes peanut oil can give someone with a severe allergy a reaction. You're an idiot. @OP: That sucks. My sister has a class 6 peanut allergy and I'm always afraid something like this would happen to her. If she didn't have her medication with her she'd die. People are such idiots. FYL

Highly refined peanut oil does not contain peanut protein. Less refined peanut oil does. You generally can't tell from an ingredients list how refined the peanut oil is, so if you've got a peanut allergy, you are safest avoiding all peanut oil unless you know from experience that the particular item containing peanut oil is safe for you.

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#132 buddhists don't kill, but they can eat meat from animals that weren't killed specifically for them.

It's a Chinese restaurant; you should always assume there's contamination. I'm Chinese, I know for fact. So YDI to the OP.

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yeah, i'm allergic to peanuts too and it can be hard when you don't get to eat all the foods. i avoid chinese and asian food because it usually contains peanuts.

did anybody ******* consider that the waitress didn't tell him about the oil? then afterwards said it didnt count?

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**** you, OP could have even died and your blaming him because the waitress is a ******* asshole. OP: One word: Sue

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Two sides here, people. Every single Chinese food recipe I've ever looked up contains peanut oil. If OP's allergy is that severe, it IS partially on her for not properly researching her life-threatening allergy. OP is wrong in this situation, too. That being said, the waitress is (of course) a ******* moron. I just don't think she deserves ALL the blame.

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"Cluelessness" like that can be dangerous. A friend of mine in middle school had the same thing happen at a chinese restaurant but she died before the ambulance could arrive.

that sucks you shouldve complained for free food :p

How would she get free food if they cook the food in peanut oil. /fail

Yea she is and you can sue them for this. I'm allergic to peanuts and this happened to me once. SUE!

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What a Bitch! Unless she truly didn't know. Now she is sitting at home wondering what baby oil is made of.

Haha that is quite funny. But yeah your waiter is clueless, no idea why this person gets YDI.

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You mean it's not made of b..b...babies??

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That was stupid of her, but you should know as a peanut allergy sufferer that most Chinese places cook thei food in peanut oil and been more cautious.

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"at a Chinese restaurant that supposedly didn't contain peanuts"

I'm sure OP meant the dish she ordered didn't contain peanuts...not that the restaraunt was peanut free. Anyways, just because your dish doesn't have peanuts you shouldn't risk it being cooked near other dishes that are. It is for this reason that my brother who is allergic to several nuts (not peanuts) does not eat at chinese restaraunts ever. Sorry the chinese waitress didn't realize that peanut oil counts just as much as actual peanuts

That suucks, I know the feeling of having a peanut allergy reaction, feels like you're about to die. And I agree, most Chinese restaurants do cook in peanut oil, so you've gotta ask a lot. I always ask, lol, some people ask me why I always ask, but shoot, I don't wanna die yet, lol.

It's not the restaurant's health problem, it's hers. She knows when she goes to a restaurant that they are not planning their menu to take her allergies into account. She also knows that the waitress will be busy and is not a medical expert. So really: if she wants to eat out, she needs to keep in mind that the oil could also be made from peanuts. She needs to tell the waitress that she wants a dish without peanuts - because she is allergic to them, not just because she doesn't like peanuts. She also needs to check explicitly with the waitress about the cooking oil, because the waitress has hundreds of other things on her mind.

I'm sorry, but if you have that serious of an allergy, why would you even take the risk? I'm not about to trust my health to a waitress at a Chinese restaurant.

I also know since I have a severe allergic reaction if I eat any type of nut. when I went on a trip to Cyprus with my school I had to go to pizza hut while everyone else (50 people) went to this fancy Chinese place and I had to wait till we went back to the hotel to eat(03:00)

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That really depends on which question she asked. If she asked "does this dish contain peanuts" than she has no basis for her lawsuit, because the truthful answer was no. Just as if you ask at Mcdonalds if the apple pies are fried separately from the french fries, the truthful answer is yes, even though they use the same grease for both, because they aren't fried together. If she said, "i'm allergic to peanuts and I need to make sure this dish does not contain any trace amounts of peanuts" then she has basis for a lawsuit

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HAHAHA...she is an idiot! well there's obviously rules to this 'food allergy' shit and peanut oil doesn't no points for you...

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YDI for eating Chinese in the first place