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Today, I asked my boss for a raise, explaining that another shop offered me a job at a higher rate, but I would stay if he would offer me the same. Instead, he fired me then called the other shop and said I was fired for failing a drug test. FML
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WHOA!! What in the actual **** is wrong with your boss?! It's been a long time since my jaw has dropped at an FML!

MissWhitneyB 17

Your boss is an asshole! There has to be someone you can contact because he is out of line.


WHOA!! What in the actual **** is wrong with your boss?! It's been a long time since my jaw has dropped at an FML!

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OP is kind of an idiot for telling his boss which shop it was

OP can get his former boss in serious legal trouble for lying to the other shop. My mom's former employer did this to her and she's currently planning out a lawsuit.

Your boss was a total jerk! Its not like you were asking too much or anything. If your boss wasn't willing to pay it they should have just left you go. That is total BS

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You can definetly sue and from what i've seen, you'll probabky win also!

It's called the sunshine law, your boss violated it, talk to a lawyer

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Libel! Start working on that case. Take a drug test for the other company ASAP so they can't claim the drugs passed through your system

Slander. It print, it's Libel. I agree with the rest thought.

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Sue the shit out of the company you are working for. That's illegal as hell

MissWhitneyB 17

Your boss is an asshole! There has to be someone you can contact because he is out of line.

No it's not. He can't fire him for no reason (or asking for a raise). As for saying he failed a drug test, well that's just unprofessional. I agree with the idea of contacting someone.

if op lives in a "right to work" state ( I think it's called ) then op can indeed be fired for no reason . if op's boss felt as if he/she didnt want op working for them then op's boss can legally show him the door . NC has those laws and it has happened to me . however , it is illegal for a previous employer to slander your name to prevent you from finding other work . I would press charges . that's defamation or ( whatever you call it ) I think .

@45 "Right to work" means you can't be forced to join a union. What you are referring to is "Employment at will". Even in "at will" States, you can't be fired for reasons that are deemed illegal under State and Federal law.

TheDrifter 23

49 has it right. Right to work means the unions can't force you to join to work at a business with union workers, at will is the removal of the requirement of cause to fire a worker. In neither case is it legal to slander a worker to a prospective new employer or file untrue information in their release forms (pink slip).

that's actually slander. he can get in a lot of trouble for that and OP can get a huge pay out for that! especially since OP was fired and lost another job because of the lie. The boss had a right to fire OP because you can be fired for any reason in NYC (as long as its not a discriminatory reason). However the boss can not slander OP and cause them not to get another job due to a lie! Especially an accusation as strong as DRUGS!!! somebody is gonna get the pants sued off them! OP would be a fool not to sue!

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You can get fired for absolutely no reason in Kentucky. Your employer doesn't even have to specify what the reason is.

I believe the word you are looking for is slander.

yea. op can call HR and explain the situation to the new job manager as well.

It's New York it's a right to work start so he can be fired because I fly touched him as for calling the other shop im not sure of the legality hmm

I'm pretty sure it's illegal for a previous work place to tell other potential work places lies like that. I know that some place wanting to hire you can call old work places but if they say anything bad about you it isn't legal. They can say you were fire for not meeting standards or some other term but they can't lie or be too specific by saying bad things. Maybe look to a work union for help?

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No you can not say someone was fried. You are Very limited in what you can say. You get to say if you would rehire the person.

It would be a bit odd if OP was fried.. That sounds rather painful.

TheDrifter 23

You can say if they were terminated, downsized or if they quit. You can't say why beyond whether it was criminal or not (no details of the crime, if it was). You can say whether you'd rehire them.

Lies and slander. Slander is a crime under a lot of criminal codes. Defaming someone's name can be a serious crime

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My old HR manager actually told me they can't even say if you were fired or quit. All they can say is how long you worked there. If they give any information about any performance reviews or anything else, negative or positive doesn't matter, they are liable to be sued.

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A boss is not aloud to tell a prosctive employer what you have been fired for. I would call the fair labor board and report them. Talk to the shop you were going to work at. They will know you can't not give a reason for being fired so they might still hirer you. An employer can only say if they would hire you. But please report this asshat for they will not do this again

Also, OP can just prove this by asking his employer to provide proof of a failed drug test.

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Call HR or take him to court for unfair dismissal and slander and denying you a job opportunity via aforementioned slander, I'm sure you can win.

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Op doesn't deserve it at all. Op didn't ask for the now ex boss to do it nor could op have known his boss was going to do that. So there for no op does not deserve it.

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The boss overreacted to OP's asshat move. Once you start that bargaining crap, even if they up the pay to keep you, they don't trust you anymore because they know you will probably do that again. OP should have just given their notice. If the boss asks why, then go ahead and tell them it is for more money and let them decide whether to offer more.

#8- I agree with you that you should never tell your employer where you will be going once you quit there, even if you are trying to get a raise. It is quite unprofessional.

Maybe OP's boss asked. It would be pretty awkward at that point if OP refused to say. It would sound like he's hiding something, plus I'm sure OP saw no reason to hide it.

70 - For all we know the OP let the boss know he was in a financial trouble, needed a raise and said he was looking for a job. If this is the case I don't see how it was unprofessional. It gave his current boss a last chance not to have to hire someone new and gave plenty of notice this might happen. There is a lot of time and expenses tied up with hiring new people.

When a new grocery store in town opened, the one meat department guy at my job was offered a position by them that started out at a higher wage. He let our company know that their competitor was offering more for his years of service and skills. They raised his wages to match because they wanted to keep him on board. So this can work if the employee is valuable enough. The boss in this situation was out of line and should have just said no and left it to the OP to decide where to work or just fired them and left it at that.

His naivety is why he deserves it is what the guy was saying

You could still call the other shop and tell them your boss lied and that you're willing to take a drug test to prove it.

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Plus its pretty easy to show he's lying because there's no proof of a failed drug test.

ViviMage 38

Won't work. All you have to do to pass a drug test is abstain from the drug long enough for it to leave your system. Vicodin I know you will test for it 5 days after the last pill. On the 6th day its out if the system. You can time your use to clean the system, pass, and take it again. The new employer needs to see the proof if a failed drug test, the paper after the test showing he had xyz drug. Which does not exist.

No retard, most illegal drugs take a lot longer to leave your system. Marijuana takes almost a month.

There are only a few signs of marijuana and those are in your hair learn to respect other

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Hey, Your boss and mine have something common! They're both assholes...

omg your boss is ******* evil. sue that son of a bitch