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Today, at the pool, a kid no older than 8 was sitting on the diving board, not letting anyone else use it. I went over and tried to reason with him, but he wouldn't listen. My uncle stormed over, said "I got this!" and punted him over the edge. We both got thrown out for "bullying" the kid. FML
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Your uncle would have a bright future kicking someone's balls in the NFL.

What the heck does your profile picture mean? Its bugging me, if its supposed to be a form of e= mc^2 i cant see it, if its supposed to be a mockery of it i cant see it either

It is something known as Sumo Science.

I hear the Patriots are looking for a kicker. Will Tebow be the ball?

You know, I get rather worked up when I see people making jokes about Tim Tebow. You might not agree with what he does but give him the respect he deserves for standing up for what he believes in in front of tens of millions of people. I also think he's a kick ass American football player, but I play football so what do I know?

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OP's uncle sounds like an awesome guy, but I instantly voted YDI upon sight of OP's username.

Oic ... He insults sir Einstein .... Boooooooooo (yes i know he wasn't knighted, but if movie stars get knighthood Einstein bloody well should have).

This entire thread of comments has somehow taken a turn and become so off-topic... I don't understand.

This comment Only referring to a profile picture. Needs to be removed.

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Your uncle has some anger issues.

2- Forget that, he just was the right guy at the right place at the time! I say give that man a medal. ;)

16, I disagree. if the kid must be punted, leave it to the parents.

#32, I think if the parents were there, they would've done something. If they actually were, then they are probably some of those parents who let their child do whatever they want.

I think thats good that he did that. Kids nowadays are so spoiled and I think they need to be put in their place.

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The brat deserved it. He wouldn't get out of the god damn way.

I agree with 32 who totally got hates on. whether or not the kid deserved it, you can't just go around pushing other people's kids. if no one did anything about it that would suck, but life is unfair. op getting kicked out is toy predictable in this situation.

I'm sick to death of everyone always standing up for ******* kids. If you're going to be a little shit, then you should get treated like one and get your ass handed to you, not ******* treated as the victim.

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I generally agree with having the parents deal with it, but at the pool it can be kind of difficult to figure out who the kid came there with. I'd say lifeguard next, but I don't think there's really anything they can do to make him move. So the uncle just skipped a couple steps, but he solved it.

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regardlass of how shitty the kid is being it is not ok for a stranger to physically deal with someone elses kids. should hqve given the idea to a slightly older kid and got them to do it.

he should apologize to the entitled spoiled brat. (sarcasm)

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It's fun to punt little brats! Lmao.

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Right? Some kids need to learn to share!

23 i would go under water an pull his legs to get him in the water and swim under water to the other end so i go unnoticed.

48: brilliant plan until you take the clear pool water into consideration.

48 - How low is your hypothetical diving board? Or better yet, how long are your arms that you can remain hidden underwater while you pull a kid off the diving board?

Plus, it'd leave a nasty scrape all down the kid's back. Pushing them is actually safer, from my experience.

It would have only been better if he yelled "THIS IS SPARTA" as he was kicking the kid off.

My question is where were this kids parents!?!? Why weren't THEY handling the situation!?

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He had the right idea. If the kid wanted to be a rotten dick head, and apparently he needed a swift kick in the ass.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Reading over that I realized it came off a bit haggard. My bad.

Nah, your comment was just fine. I am thinking the same way.

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yea, spot on. made me laugh

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He just did what everyone else wanted to do...

Well.... kid had to go off eventually

Fact: kids don't die and go off. Instead, they turn into adults. Space magic

Best thing I've heard all day hands down! Lmao