By Karen - 05/03/2012 02:00 - United States

Today, in the middle of sex my boyfriend asked if he could use the bathroom. It would've been fine, if he didn't fall asleep on the toilet. FML
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He probably finished himself off in the bathroom and fell asleep.

Maybe you just tired him out that much....


Maybe you just tired him out that much....

rockinguitar 4

Dammit u beat me to it! Nnnnooooo

He probably shxt himself to sleep, aha

it's bullshit how small an amount of FMLs actually get published daily.

WTF I didn't even reply to a comment? This app glitches too much.

take a dump on your boyfren

He had to wait too long for his boner to go down so he could piss without it hitting him in the face and decided to take a quick nap to fasten the process as the thought of your ass was too much to bear whilst awake.

I've read somewhere that if your partner falls asleep after sex, it means they're in love with you. Psychological fact or something like that. Well, yeah. Just sayin c:

csalem901 0

88- or they're tired..

jackgoldstein 5

Doesn't matter, partially had sex

everybody can't be good at everything. give up sex now if you're not willing to educate yourself in the art of the nasty.

shut up,sex is hard to give up just like smoking(I don't smoke), but why jack off your whole life, when you can enjoy sex with a beautiful person! maybe you should get out in life.

whennotlooking 0

Half of the FMLs on this app are about sex. If you don't like it, just delete the app.

Rei_Ayanami 18

It seems a lot of people on here pass out during sex... That can't be healthy. Perhaps they have blood pressure issues or acute anemia and just tire easily?

Or maybe Olympic marathon sex for 5 hours is exhausting.

honey there ain't nothing cute about it..

They didn't say cute they said acute there's a difference lol. It means having a rapid or sudden onset of a medical condition i.e. she said anemia

MissHayleyJames 7

Or it could be life. Life makes you exhausted and often times it makes you to exhausted for sex.

SALthe3rd 4

I once fell asleep while getting a handjob. Sometimes it just happens.

RedPillSucks 31

Any one ever fall asleep while jacking off? Just me?.... Oh *shuffles off to the bathroom with some lotion and a pillow*

He probably finished himself off in the bathroom and fell asleep.

He was probably bored.

That whole scenario must have been pretty lame haha

zingline89 18

Its hard going to the bathroom with a stiffy. Give the guy a break he had to wait for mr woodpecker to go home.

SaMmIMonster96 6

Lol, is that what you call yours??

zingline89 18

No I call mine munchkin. To this day I regret naming it on opposite day.

SaMmIMonster96 6

Ah, now let's not get a-head of ourselves.. Although your comment made me laugh hysterically :)

SaMmIMonster96 6

I guess us girls need to step it up a notch.. Just kidding

Reminds me about the other stories like these.

Did you at least give him a blanket