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Today, after an hour-long conversation with my mom that was supposed to help fix our relationship, she said she prefers Beatrice over me and that she's moving in with her. Beatrice is not my sister, she's my older cousin. FML
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By  mssileas  |  25

If she's anything like my MIL that will work out until Beatrice makes one wrong move, and suddenly she's gonna have another favorite. It's their way of 'punishing' people. My MIL was either 100% supportive of her son or her step-daughter, never of both. And depending on who did her more favors or was quicker to bow to her will was obviously the good child. This switched around every couple months.

Sorry OP, that's gotta suck, but I think you should let your mom behave like an 8yo if that's her wish. Because that's playground talk "You don't act how I want you to so X is now my best friend instead of you!"
OK then. Tell her to grow up and focus your energy on yourself.

  Cooper201288  |  16

agree. my boyfriend's mother is the same way. just let her go and act like a child and don't give in to her demands or requests or guilt trips. live your life and don't worry about her childishness.

By  DragonMaiden7  |  15

Some relationships with parents can’t be fixed, no matter how hard you try. Remember, every relationship requires two people trying equally. If only one person is doing all the work, then only half the ship will get built, that includes relationships between a parent and child.