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Today, I started working my new summer job at McDonald's. Only 2 hours into my first shift, my tooth falls out onto a young girl's tray of food. Not only did she see it, but my managers and other people waiting in line all saw it. I don't think I have a summer job anymore. FML
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Hey guys OP here... Can't believe this was posted to be honest!!! I had to make a account so I could explain what happened.. First off, it is a FAKE tooth that I have had trouble with and has fallen out numerous times before this coincidence. I haven't had a real tooth in that spot for 5 years now, so when the fake tooth falls out it doesn't bother me. Well at least it didn't. Unfortunately, the young girl was mortified, as was I?. She didn't eat her food after managers refunded and paid for a new meal, and replaced everything on the tray, (I felt terrible by the way). Although my managers were very understanding, the mother wasn't to happy and I doubt she'll be back(I don't blame her). Looking back now, it will be a great story to tell my kids someday. Now I'm looking into implants instead of having the chance of my fake tooth falling out onto another tray of food. Anyway thanks for the comments so far, you guys have me laughing my ass off! Keep it up, Thanks!!

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What the fuck is wrong with your mouth? Are you not lovin' it?

I'd be pretty grossed out too :/ Unless you're 12 and that's a baby tooth, I'd suggest seeing a dentist asap.


*Insert Tooth Fairy joke here*

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Dwayne Johnson in a red and yellow themed tutu comes to mind.

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To tell you the tooth, I'm fairy sure that shouldn't happen...

What the fuck is wrong with your mouth? Are you not lovin' it?

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That is seriously one of the best comments I've ever seen on this website. Chapeau good sir.

Accidents happen. I'm sure if they saw what happened, they'd just give the girl a new order. Nothing to lose your job over.

teeth do not 'accidentally' fall out.

When they are dentures or crowns that aren't properly fitted they do.

9gaggers unite ?

Where do you work again?? MethDonald's?

Wac Arnolds haha who gets the reference?

Dave Chappelle? It's not like I refrenced Dante's Inferno or something, c'mon people.

Some people have lives, and unfortunately that results in not knowing every single tv reference we see in out apps.

You should probably be more worried about your tooth just falling out than losing a summer job. Taco Bell is way better anyways :)

my thoughts exactly, that's odd i would be scared.

I'd be pretty grossed out too :/ Unless you're 12 and that's a baby tooth, I'd suggest seeing a dentist asap.

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#7 If OP is 12 they would be too young to work

Retard alert ^^

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How does ones tooth simply fall out?

I'm hoping it's a prosthetic tooth, not a real one! My friend has one and sometimes it will pop out. If it was a real tooth, OP has something very wrong with them!

why do your teeth randomly fall out?

You should let OP use some tape.

If your teeth are just falling out of nowhere (if it's your actual tooth not a fake tooth), then you should really get that checked out. Explain to your boss and If you can, the girl, what happened and thoroughly explain your case, they have to be able to understand.