By nadj - 15/6/2012 09:02 - Germany
Today, I’m working in Germany. I told my German colleagues that the most beautiful ballet that I attended in my life was The Swan Lake, "der Schwanzsee". Except that swan in German is "Schwan" and not "Schwanz". For them, I’m now a big fan of the Penis Lake. FML
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By  ssnow_fml  |  20

This is why other languages are hard. Think VERY carefully about word choices before speaking. I have made this same mistake several times with some of my non native languages.

By  sturschaedel  |  27

German is my native language, so to avoid further misconceptions: "Schwanz" actually means "tail" like the tail of a cat or dog or other animal. But it is casually used as a slang word for penis, like you would use cock which is originally a male chicken.